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How To Lose Weight Quickly: Get Better and Faster Results

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Marian finally decided to lose weight after many years of contemplating it. She knows how to lose weight quickly. She knows she can lose 20 pounds in less than a year. She knows there are many ways to do it, but she chose to ask for help.

She researched the best candidate to help her and hired her. Between her and the new professional, they came up with a plan. She now has: monthly goals, eating habits, an exercise routine, weight loss resources, support, follow ups, books to read and other tools in place. She knows it’s going to take her a little over a year to get there.

After trying so many “how to lose weight quickly" plans, Marian finally realized that weight loss is not easy or fast...

Patience quote

Start with an idea, Keith is an architect who wants a beautiful house that stands out in his neighborhood. The goal is to finish his new house in a year. He wants a contemporary house with details that other houses don’t have. It takes time and research before he decides on every detail. He starts with the plans and takes it to the city to be approved.

Now, he knows that many skilled people need to be hired to build the house, a general contractor, concrete company, carpenters, insulation professionals, electricians, plumbers, designers, dry wall professionals, framers, painters and so on to finish the house. Each professional will build accordingly until the house is finished, which may take over one year to get there.

When I started to exercise, I learned about weight lifting, cardio training, supplements, nutrition, physiology and other things. I started lifting weights and eating better. As I learned, I added new knowledge to my routine. I was patient until I reached my goals, three years later.

When you plant a tree, build a car, write an article, clean the house or just simply do anything in life it requires a process, and it needs time. Why should weight loss be any different?

Weight loss is a process just like anything else. Complete the whole process and enjoy the end result...

John Johnson had a discussion with his wife. She was tired of his behavior when he drinks. He gets aggressive and he forgets about his responsibilities. The Johnson’s are financially suffering because the only income they can count on is Mrs. Johnson. John spends his money drinking; he does not show up very often to work because he is “sick”. He has lost different jobs because of it. He can’t drive for the many DUIs he has. His health is also diminishing, with fatty liver and he is overweight.

When he is at home, he is always angry and mistreats his kids and wife. Mrs. Johnson is tired of the situation and asked him for a divorce. John noticed that she is serious about it and besides all his problems; he is now realizing that his divorce would be very painful. He does not want to get divorced and lose his family for many reasons.

beer pouring

The pain he is in at this moment makes him think about his mistakes and he mentally sets some goals, stop drinking, be more responsible at work, start contributing financially at home, learn to control his anger, be a present dad and husband, take his family for various vacations.

Get a better job…

Mrs. Johnson agrees to give him another opportunity of now so many. He changes for 3 weeks and goes back to the same. He forgot about the pain he felt when his wife asked him to divorce her. He forgot about the goals he mentally set up and how wonderful his life could be and gave up to the pleasure of alcohol.

Those who keep in mind their emotions, write down their reasons for changing and their goals are following a system or process, and are more likely to stay on track and achieve what they promised.

I remember many times telling myself and my ex girlfriend that I would change and never did. It was not until I really suffered and that I started a process of change. Since then, I have a clear “why” I changed and all my goals written down. I go back and look at them at least three times a week and that has helped me not to forget why I am doing what I am doing.

Just thinking about changing won’t do anything for you to change. Keeping in mind the reason why you are changing, writing down the “why” and your goal, and revisiting them often will remind you of the pain you went through to make you change. Remember that you changed thanks to the pain you experienced and that same pain will keep you from relapsing.

Write down your “why”, your moment of change, your goals and revisit them very often- everyday if possible...

After John got divorced, his pain was not enough for him to change. In fact, he got more into drinking to cover the pain of depression. Sometimes when he did not have a headache from the hangover, he was thinking about why he was so weak to alcohol. He did not want to admit yet that he was an alcoholic, but he noticed that he could not say no when someone invited him to have a drink. He noticed that he would drink anywhere, even at home, but how can he stop drinking when he had bottles of wine, whisky, tequila, vodka and beer at home?

At night his hobby was going to the bar and when he felt like talking about his problems he would always call a friend who he goes with to drink. The parties he attend to meet another woman, now that he is divorced, always offer alcohol. Even when he thinks about doing something healthy such a hub trip, there is alcohol involve by the end of the trip. No matter what he does, there is alcohol.

According to statistics, 68% of prisoners released in 30 states were arrested for a new crime within three years of their release from prison, and 77 percent were arrested within five years. Ninety percent of alcoholics relapse within the first 4 years. Ninety five percent of people who start a weight loss program, never finish it. Ninety five percent of the 5% left, regains the weight lost. Only the 5% left keep the weight off. That means 1 of 400 people who start a weight loss program actually keep the weight off.

Rehab reunion

We all have an addiction to a bad habit that destroys us. The only difference for the one who knows and the one who does not is that one has accepted it and the other one has not.

I am aware of my addiction and therefore, I do everything I can to clean my environment for success. I am responsible for my decisions and if I relapse it is no one else’s fault but mine, including the environment.

For example, for the alcoholic it is important to stop practicing behaviors that make him drink, such as partying, attending bars and watching football if he used to drink while watching it. In addition, stop hanging out with people who drink and don’t buy any kind of alcohol with the excuse of only buying it for the guest.

The same is applicable for the person who is overweight. For example, is there is processed food in the house for an emergency. Getting rid of the processed foods and prepared foods for those cases is an option. Stop hanging out with people who are not active and eat processed foods and drink while socializing and don’t watch TV where you see commercial about processed foods.

Your environment has a lot to do with you being overweight. Nevertheless, is not the environments fault you are overweight. It has always been your decisions.

Clean the environment for success...


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