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Getting Older Faster Is Your Choice

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

I started lifting weight when I was 19 years of age...

I remember going to work all excited about my workout and telling my coworkers about the weight lifting achievements I did that day or week (back then I worked in a restaurant as a server).

Anatomy of the body

Many of them were older than 30 years of age. Of course, they were out of shape. They would usually tell me that I was very young and with a lot of energy, reason why I could achieve my goals. That I should wait until I hit the 30s and then I will go down and start with pain, feel tired and life would be more difficult.

I’m 37 years of age now and I don’t feel pains they were talking about. I’m stronger, with more energy, healthy, and better than ever! Their prophesy did not come true. Now I hear many people say that I’m in my peak and when I hit my 40s life will go down. I feel like I hear this prophesy in the past.

When Michael Jordan left his career as a Basketball player for the first time and came back years later, people thought he would not make it. He proof everyone wrong. He came stronger and better than before.Why some people age faster than others...?

You can avoid getting older faster...

According to research, humans start aging after turning 26 years of age, losing muscle and bone mass, stroke volume along with oxygen and nutrient extraction and longer time to heal, among other declination.

Sandro doing side plank

There is no way to stop this process. Nevertheless, there are many actions we can take to slow down the process. For example, doing strength training increases bone and muscle mass, and doing cardiovascular training helps the heart hypertrophy and be more efficient with the stroke volume affecting oxygen and nutrient extraction in a positive way. In other words, the body gets all but exercise comes and rejuvenates it by adding what it’s losing.

So what keeps me young is that I exercise challenging my body while many others don’t challenge their body. This is the difference between my ex coworkers and I. They are aging and I’m maintaining my biological age.

Exercise can be defined as chewing gum, walking, squatting, running, hiking. Any movement can be categorized as exercise. Nevertheless, real exercise should be challenging enough for the body to adapt to the level of challenge that we are putting our body into and when it adapts, we can need to follow the same process.

Exercising is painful and this is the reason why many people don’t exercises...

Sandro doing bosu squats

But getting old it is also painful. Not be able to get off the couch, or pick up the coin was dropped, or be independent or depending of oxygen or be able to walk. I prefer muscle burning, lung discomfort, lack of oxygen, and exaction for an hour than suffer the consequences of aging every hour of my day.

It is true that death is the destination that we all share. But living a high quality of life it is our responsibility. I will age and die with style. It is never too late to exercise and slow down the process of aging. I take action, to avoid getting older faster.


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