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Finding Time to Exercise as a Working Mom

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

We can all agree that being a parent is not easy, whether you’re working or not. Actually, being a good parent is not easy. Kids require a lot of time and dedication and, of course, love. They are the priority, and parents have to tailor their schedules according to their kids’ needs. But, as a mom, you already knew that! When you have to juggle everything, from school and ballet lessons to household chores and your full-time job, it seems like an impossible task to work out regularly. You feel like there are not enough hours in one day! However, it’s not always true. You often see moms who seem to have it all. Well, with proper organization and a little bit of creativity, you can be one of them! Here are a few suggestions on finding time to exercise as a working mom.

A woman doing sit-ups, finding time to exercise as a working mom

Why do you workout?

You probably know how important regular physical activity is. However, it’s good to be remaindered once in a while!

It keeps our body healthy, lowers the risk of many chronic diseases (heart disease and stroke, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, etc.), lowers blood pressure, and more. As working out is good for the body, it’s also good for the mind. There are many mental health benefits of exercising, like decreasing anxiety levels and helping with depression.

Of course, everyone has their reason for wanting to exercise. Whether it’s a fat loss or gaining muscles, it’s what keeps us motivated. But, it’s important to always keep in mind the overall health benefits of regular physical activity.

Finding Time to Exercise as a Working Mom: Useful Tips and Tricks

Put it in your calendar

As a working woman, you know how important is proper planning. All of your project deadlines, meetings, presentations, and other appointments are probably written down. Once it’s on your calendar, it’s going to happen. Unless there’s an emergency, you won’t miss that meeting with your client. After all, that appointment is a part of your job.

Well, taking care of yourself is also your job! Make an appointment with yourself to exercise, and chances are you won’t miss it. Whether it’s a quick run or session at the gym, make sure to block it out. This mental trick helps a lot in finding time to exercise as a working mom.

Find someone to hold you accountable

Let’s face it, some of us have time but lack discipline. It’s perfectly normal! When you’re a working mom, you already have a lot on your plate. Sometimes, you would rather spend time with your children (or take a nap!) rather than exercise.

But remember, if you want to be a good parent, you need to take care of your physical and mental health. If you lack discipline, there are several solutions.

Book a session with a personal trainer

First, you’ll have an appointment which you paid for. It will also be on your calendar. Second, you’ll have someone who expects you to show up and will hold you accountable if you don’t.

Find a support group

If you like having company when working out, you can make it a group activity. It doesn’t have to be expensive yoga or pilates class. You can organize your coworkers, family, or friends to go for a run or to the gym a few times a week. This will also keep you motivated if you feel like quitting.

 Women exercising

Be creative with your time

We understand that planning a workout and scheduling it is easier said than done. Some days (or months), your calendar is jam-packed, and you just cannot see a window in which you could fit time for exercise. Well, this is where creativity comes in!

Increase everyday activity

You don’t need an hour-long session at the gym every other day. Every physical activity counts! For instance, you can walk your kids to school, drive a bike to work, and always take the stairs instead of an elevator.

This is especially useful if you’re just getting back to exercising after giving birth. You need to start slow.

Workout with your kids at a playground

Finding time to exercise as a working mom isn’t an unsolvable equation. One of the obvious solutions is to include your kids.

Keep in mind that any activity can be a form of exercise. When you go to the playground with them, pretend you’re at the gym! You can do triceps dips on the bench or pull-ups on monkey bars. If you have a baby, go for a run with the stroller.

 Kids at a playground
Workout at home

This can be very practical. Find a room with enough space, turn on some music and do a simple workout.

Over time, you can invest in fitness equipment and make a small home gym. However, don’t let it go to waste. Use that stationary bike and take care of your equipment! When storing fitness equipment, ensure it stays intact, and your investment will pay off.

If you wonder how your kids fit into this, it’s up to you. If you prefer alone time, early waking up is the key. Exercise before they get up. Sometimes, this means waking up at 5 a.m., but it’s better to work out in the morning while you have enough energy. You can also squeeze your workout in during their nap time.

If you don’t need exercise to be your alone time, let them be around or work out with them (if they’re old enough). This way, you will also show them how important it is to have regular physical activity.

Pink fitness equipment

Final thoughts

Finding time to exercise as a working mom can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. Sometimes, you can find the time but lack the discipline. Other times, you cannot find that window for even a minimum of physical activity. The important thing is to know whether you need better organization or creative solutions. Either way, exercise should be a part of your everyday life. Part of being a good parent is taking care of yourself so you can be there for your children!



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