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Do This to Accomplish More In Life

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

There are three things I learned to be able to reach my goals. Those are organization, organization and organization. Everything should start by organizing. It should continue by organizing and it should end by organizing.

A Table chair, computer, pen, paper and glass of water

I have noticed that people who are not organized in their life don’t have goals and therefore can’t achieve their dreams. The less organized the person is the less this person achieves. If you look around you will find that people who are successful with their families, business, health, trips, and life in general are organized.

There is a law called entropy that states that there is a tendency from the entities more organized to the entities less organized. There is never an increase of order unless is coming from an exterior force. In other words, disorganization will always exist unless we do a conscious effort to organize the mess. Look around and you will find out that the more organization you will find, the more successful the person, the family, school, community or country is.

It impresses me when I see many of my clients coming to their assessments with a package with all the paperwork from past assessments. These are the people who keep track of single detail, organizing their progress and make conclusions accordantly.

I personally achieve more when my day is planned and organized. Many times I have left small project for later and soon you will see me going back and finishing it. Takes me more time coming back later to finish the project left than just doing it in the moment. For example, finishing my laundry and leaving it on my bed instead of folding it in the moment, it takes more time later because my cloth is all over the bed, under, on the sides between the bed frame because I decided to sleep on my bed, or rest or I set other stuff on top of it before folding my cloth.

Man cooking

If I finished cooking and I leave the dishes for later, when I come back later to wash the

dishes, I ended up finding more because someone in the house already saw there was duty dishes and left extra ones, or the food dries and is more difficult to wash them. While organizing seems very simple and it seems that won’t affect our day and life, by the end it will take more time to go back and fix what we could have organize in the moment.

Planning is a way of organizing your life. Let say for example that you don’t organize your life and leave everything for tomorrow. “I will give time to my son when I have more money,” I will exercise when I have time,” “I will start cooking when I work less hours,” “I will spend time with my wife or husband when I don’t feel tired.” Can you see where all this will lead? Of course, it will have consequences and it might be too late by when things are prefect. You may try to organize your life then when the “will” but maybe by then you are divorced, overweight, your son is a grown man or you are in the hospital.

What is the rush? Life is easier when everything is in place and you don’t have to think about fixing something later. You don’t have to worry about being overweight when you exercise and eat healthy everyday and not thinking about doing it tomorrow if you organize your day. You won’t have to think about going back and find an important paper and get frustrated or pay money to get a new one or spend all day looking for it or miss an important trip/appointment if you organize your paperwork because you will know where to find it. You don’t have to get divorce, suffer if you organize your life with your significant other. You don’t have to miss all those unique moments with your son if you organize your time with your son.

I have some level of discipline when it comes to organize and planning. Nevertheless, I am not perfect and I have to work on organizing my life event better. Organizing has given me freedom, more time, less frustrations, save money and reach my goals. I am being honest with you. I can still have to work more in organizing.

Every detail is important in life. Even though the atom is the smalls matter, it is just as important as the universe. We can’t remove any of the components. Thanks to the atom, we have molecules, cell tissues, organs, organ systems, organism, populations, communities and so on. Everything is important to built the universe. The same goes with organization. Organizing your day is just as important as organizing your year and your life. Organizing your health is just as important as organizing your job and your family.


Today is a good day to start, not tomorrow or next year. Find out your weaknesses and start organizing your day and week. If you have an overweight problem maybe start with your meals or time to exercise. If your relationship is not in its best, start by setting time aside and talk to your wife or husband. If you house is a mess, maybe you want to do laundry, wash dishes. If you have trouble finding paperwork maybe is where you want to start by organizing your paperwork. Or maybe you are struggling financially. This is where you need to start your organization.

The point is to start somewhere. Wait… one more thing; don’t just do this for one week or one month. Start keeping it as a habit. There is no other way. I wish there were another way to be successful and reach your goals. Believe me. You will be super happy in 5 years you started today. This is how you accomplish more in life.


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