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Tools For Effective Weight Loss

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Succeeding at weight loss is a lifestyle and to make weight loss a lifestyle, you’ll need tools to help you stick to your goals, tools that research has shown to be effective.


I have talked to many people who want to exercise and improve their lives. When I ask many why they want to exercise, the answer is usually because I want to be healthier. Then we continue the conversation and now they really want to lose weight. However, when I ask them how much weight they want to lose and in how long, many of them don’t have an idea.

Shooting without target, it is missing the target. The target and deadline are only some tools you need to use to be effective at weight loss.

I have gathered 6 tools for effective weight loss...

Know your vision...

You should know how much weight you want to lose. Simply proclaiming “I want to lose weight” is not enough. You need a specific number such, “I’m losing 10 pounds.”

Planning and Preparation...

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Plan your day with daily goals. You should know what are doing and not doing every day to manage the goal you have set. Planning your meals, exercise program and dedicating specific times for them will make sure your behavior and your vision stay on track.

Professional accountability...

Have a professional to guide you towards the right paths and help you be accountable to your goals. Asking your doctor, dietitian, personal trainer or life coach to help you set a plan for your weight loss will help in your journey.

Social Support...

It’s much easier to adopt new habits if you are supported by people who have the same goals or people who already done what you want to do. We all have times when we want to quit our programs. Support will help you continue doing what you doing and see the rationale behind your program.


A weight loss program becomes more motivating when you begin to see results. However, if you don’t give yourself rewards for the hard work you’ve done, you may not continue with the same motivation you had in the beginning. When you have achieved a short term goal, you should reward yourself with a short vacation, new piece of clothing, or a peer celebration. Of course, make sure you don’t reward yourself by reverting to bad habits that you have been working to steer clear of.



For you to be able to reward yourself, you should make deadlines for your goals. Dividing goals into two, perhaps over two months, will make the goals more manageable. People often procrastinate because they don’t have a deadline and then tend to try to lose weight at the last minute. A deadline will help you focus on your goal also.

Your chances of success are more if you continue using these tools for effective weight loss. Research has shown that people who do not stick with one tool either don’t make it to their goal or abandon their weight loss program altogether. Find clear objectives, make a plan, ask for professional input, gather with friends who have done what you want to do, pamper yourself and give yourself a deadline. Take action today, tomorrow might never come.


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