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To Be Successful In Your Life, Follow This Advice

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

I hear that businesses and people really show how strong they are when times get tough...

That success isn’t determined when days are nice and sunny but when they are cloudy and dark. When times get tough only the strong stay standing.

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Habits are what define us and make us who we are. Many of us can stay strong in tough times because of the habits we have developed. One of the habits that have helped me be strong is to always do my best. I have rainy days, tiring days, sad days, disappointing days, confusing days, lazy days, unorganized days, busy days, dark days and all kinds of negative days that you can probably imagine. I bet you have also had them all. No one is exempt from them. What I keep in mind is that no matter what kind of day I’m having I always need to do my best.

to be successful in life, I get out of my comfort zone...

I usually know what I am capable of, and therefore I expect that level of performance every time I wake up. Why should I be performing less than usual? Because I know that whatever I put into something is what I’ll get in return, why not just give it all?

I think one of my weaknesses (or strengths) is that I get upset with myself when I feel tired, when I am confused and I don’t know how to improve and continue moving forward. I don’t like feeling tired, and I bet no one does. However, on those days I find the way to break through. Mother Teresa said that the most worthy smile is when we must force one. Everyone can think positively and be happy when things go right, but we can see who’s strong when things go wrong by seeing if they continue smiling and doing their best.

I can’t imagine waking up and saying, “Today I am going to have a mediocre day.” What kind of day would I have? Can you imagine one of my client’s assessments? I am going to listen to you in just a mediocre way. Today is my mediocre day, so you are going to have to wait until I am ready. I can’t put up with that because it is my mediocre day. I am leaving early today even if you need more time because it is my mediocre day.

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Or at my exercise session, “Today I am going to lift lighter because it is my mediocre day.” “I am just going to do what I feel like doing because it is my mediocre day.” “I am going to eat Fritos and McDonalds today; it does not matter because it is my mediocre day.” “I might get on time to my session; I am mediocre today. I am just going to perform mediocre because I feel lazy.” Can you see how I am already giving up on doing my best?

Can you imagine having a mediocre day once a week...?

Or maybe twice? Or maybe three days? Or why not the whole week? How productive can that be? How professional or reliable or trustworthy can I be? What results can I deliver in my life? How successful can I be?

My goal is not to have mediocre days. Therefore, I wake up every day doing my best. If life is not going the way I want it to, I still wake up and perform as if my life is perfect. If my days are dark I still show everyone that I can continue moving forward and I can serve them. Yes, it’s true when those difficult days hit me, things are more difficult to do, but I still do what it takes. I continue smiling, listening 100% to all my clients, staying late at work if I have to, being on time, improving my habits, understanding people, exercising with the same intensity, controlling my mind and body, doing the difficult stuff, and becoming a better person.

I keep in mind what I am planning and working for because my hard effort does pay off in the end. Thinking that I am wasting my time and my life by not improving my health, mind, finances, knowledge, strength, family and the world makes me sad and upset.

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Think about the results you want with your family, health, body, finances, job and life...

I do request the best for my life, but if I request the best I need to give my best. I bet you also want the best for your life and don’t want to have mediocre family, health, body, finances, job and life.

So each time you wake up the first thing you should ask is how can I improve my situation? What can I do better today? What do I need to learn? What was the mistake I made yesterday? Who needs my attention? Who needs to forgive me for my mistakes? Is learning today making me a better person? Does being noble and understanding that I make mistakes make me a better person? Does exercising make me a better person? Does helping others make me a better person?

I know I am having a hard time today, but I am doing my best, and this difficult moment won’t ruin my situation and won’t stop me from moving forward to improve myself. Here now is when I see how strong I am. How I can overcome these problems with the best attitude and without complaining, because complaining will only take energy from me, not help me progress. Plus other people have their struggles as well, and complaining won’t help them.

Doing my best is not only for the moment when I feel like it, doing my best is a lifestyle.


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