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Start Your Weight Loss Program With This Tip

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Close your eyes for a minute and think about your biggest dream...

I want you to think about something that you think is crazy and no one has invented, created or achieved yet. What is it?

Not too long ago, I still remember, I was a child, people just started to communicate on wireless cell phones and navigate the internet. While this does not sound wild for many, think about how your grandfather or grandmother never thought or they could only imagine communicating via a phone and even take it to the next level, a wireless phone.

Woman getting ready to run

People can run 1 mile in 4 minutes, we can fly, we can match people's blood, we can type on computers, and we can travel to the moon… and do many other things people thought were impossible back in the past. All this started with a crazy person who thought beyond what is rational. Even though, all these inventors created the impossible, they still have limitations. These are called limited beliefs.

Just like them, we have limited beliefs as well...

We have not created more in our lives do to our limited beliefs. We all have limited beliefs. Otherwise, we would be in a different place as individuals and as a society.

You and I and everyone act the way we act because of our beliefs and we cannot become better until we break our limited beliefs. In other words, we have created and achieved what we have, because our limited beliefs do not allow us to be better.

Weight loss is no different. If you have not lost weight and achieved the best version of your body it is because you have not become the right person yet and to become the right person you must break your limited beliefs. Start your weight loss program by breaking your beliefs.

Woman climbing

Or that you being overweight is genetic, or that you don’t have control over your eating, or that it won’t affect your health or lifestyle. The point here is that you may have some limited beliefs that are stopping you from taking action to improve your life and lose weight. Until you start challenging those beliefs, your body and life won’t change.

I know it is hard. I also have beliefs that stop me from progressing and accepting that I have been wrong takes humility. Being wrong is not easy to accept, especially when we have lived our lives teaching and acting upon those beliefs, something that we thought was true and someone else comes and tells us “You are mistaken.”

Many times I find myself being wrong when I spend time alone questioning my beliefs. Being alone for a period of time everyday clears my mind and this is when I am the most willing to understand that it is only a belief and that such belief can be broken.

This is when I have a breakthrough and my life improves...

I honestly don’t know the best way to break a limited belief, but I can say that I always questioning myself and spending time alone helps me breaks many beliefs.

Remember that the impossible becomes possible when someone else comes and challenge the status quo. I know I mentioned this before, but the things that we see now, such as computers, cell phones, airplanes, cameras and many other thing are possible thanks to those who questioned their limited beliefs.

Man taking pictures of a water full

Even paper was created because of it. Not too long ago, people recorded on stones and wood until someone invented paper. I was watching a retrospect video from many years back about the Olympics. About recent videos, comparing people 50 years ago. People did amazing things that, once again, are not mind blowing for us because we see it often.

Start your weight loss program...

So when I say that you can change your life and lose weight, I do mean it. Question your beliefs and be humble. This could be a beginning of an impactful life that you never imagined before.


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