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Oxygen Plays A Key Role In Weight Loss

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Oxygen plays a key role in weight loss, increasing your metabolism and muscle gain...

Here is why.

elderly woman exercising

Each muscle of our body requires oxygen to survive. When we turn the age of 26, we have less muscle tissue and this is due to the loss of muscle mass aging provides. Every decade the body loses around 5% of muscle mass. American Council on Exercise claims that resting stroke volume declines approximately 30% between the age of 25 and 85 and when combined with the decrease in maximal heart rate, it leads to a drop in cardiac output of 30 to 60%. In fact, resting cardiac output declines 1% upon reaching adulthood. Also, oxygen extraction declines 8 to 10% after the human body reaches adulthood.

Oxygen is necessary to burn fat...

It metabolizes fat and carbohydrates and also makes adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which is the energy the body needs to function and survive.

When we breathe, we deliver oxygen to the lungs where blood comes and removes it, and then delivers it to the heart and the body, including muscles and cells by the lymph system. As a reminder, the cardiovascular system is responsible to deliver oxygen to the whole body and remove waste from the body. The arteries deliver blood (except for the pulmonary artery) and veins remove the carbon dioxin from the body (except for the pulmonary vein). The heart is the bump that pumps the blood through the body by the “pipes” called blood vessels (Arteries, veins and capillaries). People who don’t have the habit of exercise have not trained their cardiovascular system to deliver enough oxygen to the whole body to increase their metabolism.


Remember that our body is made by cells which play a big role in keeping it healthy, young and in shape. The Lymph system is a branch of the cardiovascular system. It happens after the capillaries diffused all the nutrients and oxygen in the fluid around the cell. Here in the lymph system is where the cells acquire all the oxygen needed and remove toxic and dead cells. According to research, the lymph system is activated by deep breathing. The reason is because the lymph system does not have a pump like the cardiovascular system. The way the lymph system gets rid of wastes and gets its need is by the muscular movement. The muscular movement that the lymph system needs is by deep breathing and exercise.

Some of us don’t take into consideration the amount of oxygen we are getting...

woman doing lat pull down

or if the lymph system is getting enough movement to work to the fullest. According to studies, if the lymph system stops functioning for 24 hours, the body would be dead because of the trapped proteins and excess of fluid around the cells. Personally, I don’t think people need to get tested to find out what their oxygen consumption is. However, they should be paying attention to the behaviors that they are doing and not doing to get the right amount of oxygen and get the lymph system working properly.

The first recommendations are to take care of your body by exercising, meditating and taking time to take deep breathes during the day. Doing strength training will increase the muscle mass of your body. A good example is weight training. Cardiovascular training will train your cardiovascular system including your heart. One example is running. These two exercises will allow you to deliver and extract more oxygen which it plays a key role in weight loss. Meditation it is very beneficial. Besides clearing your mind, it will make you more aware of your breathing and this will improve the function of your lymph system. I recommend you take some breathing classes or learn more about proper breathing.


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