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Liposuction is Not The Solution for Weight Loss

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Ana called me the other day telling me that she is going to stop coming because of a surgery she is having. She needed to stop for at least two months before she could come back and exercise again.

I asked her if she is going to be fine which she replied yes. But right after her answer she said that the real reason why she was going to stop is because she was getting liposuction surgery.

Ana has been training with us for at least 8 months and she has not delivered good results…

She said that it does not matter what she does, she is not losing weight. She said that the only solution she can see is surgery.

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She put as an example another client we have who got surgery. Let’s call her Nadia. Anan said that Nadia was overweight and now she is very skinny.

Ana is one of those people who complains about exercising…

She does not put the effort into her sessions, something is always hurting which stops her from performing in her sessions. I have no doubt that she is also not eating healthy. How you do something is how you do everything.

We spent a couple minutes over the phone. I explained to her that she was making a mistake. Ana knows Nadia longer than we do. So I took my time to put the logic together for Ana and I told her the following:

Nadia had liposuction before she came to see us and the reason why she came to request our services is because she went back to her original weight before the liposuction. Nadia’s body was deformed now. She had fat arms, back, chest, legs and butt. Plus, she even gained weight and her stomach. But the majority of fat was distributed on her limbs because her body had no enough cells in her stomach to store enough fat there.

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Nadia trained with us for at least four months with minimum results...

Her big problem was her eating habits. It took our team a year because we can help Nadia see the reality about her weight problem. Finally, she got it and now she is in very good shape. But liposuction did nothing for Nadia. She deformed her body and she still gained her weight back because her problem was her lifestyle.

I asked Ana if she understood the logic. Needless to say that Ana was in Miami waiting for her surgery. She already made up her mind.

I had and still have many clients (more than 15 clients) who come requesting my services because they gained all the weight back and more after liposuction. They finally understand that the problem is not their body, but their lifestyle.

I had many conversations with people about any weight loss surgery…

And I tell them that is a bad idea and they need to see what is wrong with them, so they can fix their lifestyle. Many of this people argue that they going to do the surgery and then change their lifestyle, which I reply that is stupid. They can just change their lifestyle right now. The surgery will not give them the mental sanity to make such changes. Plus, they are going to deform their body and hurt their health.

weight loss before and after

I feel that it does not matter what information I give to people, they think I am lying and the surgery is the solution. For example, years ago I met a stylist. She was interested in joining our program, but she opted to do liposuction. Now I see her around, not only has she deformed her body, but now she is uncomfortable with herself and she is depressed.

I am writing this article because I want to convince you to do a deep research about the reality of weight loss surgeries…

And not to do liposuction. The risk is too big without results. You are going to have to change your lifestyle no matter what. This is a MUST. Let me repeat that; YOU MUST CHANGE YOUR LIFESTYLE TO LOSE WEIGHT AND HAVE AN ATTRACTIVE BODY.

Take it from a professional who has seen a lot of clients who come back to lose weight after liposuction. Liposuction is not the solution fro weight loss.


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