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How to Get Rid of Problems- Specially Weight Loss

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Problems, problems, problems...

board with the solution word

Have you heard this word lately? I think if you are alive you have problems. Only dead people don’t have problems, and this is what I choose to believe. There are financial problems, family problems, problems at work, problems with friends, legal problems, health problems, car problems, vacation problems, problems with computers, problems at school and if I continue this article will be full of problems, probably like your life and mine.

I have barely defeated one problem when another appears. I am used to it by now. In fact, I love problems. They make me worry for a moment and make my brain work. I get stressed sometimes for hours, other times days. They make me smarter. First thing I do is to find out if the problem has a solution or not, because not all problems have solutions. Why worry about a problem that has no solution?

So the first thing I recommend to defeat problems is to figure out which ones have solutions.

Then it’s time for the fun. So this is what I have learned and apply in my life. I write down all the solutions from the easiest to the most difficult. Besides helping resolve my problems this also helps me with stress, because stress is nothing more than worries. Let’s say the problem is that I’m overweight by a couple of pounds, and I am ready to lose the extra pounds. I think about all my solutions:

6) Run every day

7) Watch my calories

9) Join the gym with a friend

10) Buy a home exercise program

14) Ask my doctor for his plan if he’s not overweight

15) Model people who are in shape

As you see this is how to get rid of problem...

It depends on your beliefs, knowledge, budget and other things. Because of my beliefs,

discoveries and motivation, I will choose solutions 3, 12 and 11. I will discard the rest, but at least I know there are many solutions. I choose the best ones even though they will take work.

The same applies to any other problem with solutions. Another example could be having problems at work. You can apply the same technique:

1) Talk to my co-workers about the problem and find a solution

2) Talk to my boss and find a solution

3) Find another job

4) Take care of the problem myself if possible

5) Open my own business

6) Find a plan that takes care of the issue

And you can continue the list. It is like having an algebra problem. There are many ways you can work with the problem until you find the solution. Your brain becomes sharper, and the problems become easier to solve each time.

Woman doing rows

If you have problems to solve, write them down...

When you encounter a problem that really stumps you, focus on finding all the reasonable solutions and then apply the best one. Otherwise, if you don't solve the program, you will be stress and problems will continue accumulating in your life until you have a break down. It is easier to develop a plan and take action.

Remember that you life is full of problems and will never disappear and l like anything else, enjoy the process, get used to it. The more bigger the problem you encounter the bigger you become and this is how you get rid of problems by you becoming stronger, better and smarter.


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