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How Can I Lose My Belly Fat?

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

It has been 5 months since Cassie signed into her weight loss program...

When she signed in she was motivated to lose weight and ready to make changes. There is a process we go through with all Custom Body Fitness members to deliver results, and Cassie was not the exception. We met and started to create her weight loss plan. As we created some goals we concluded that she would lose 12% body fat in 6 months or less. She was excited and happy to start. So she did.

A pound of fat

The first month was a little difficult for her. However, by her second assessment she lost 1% body fat. She was happy. But something happened as it does to many people who have achieved their partial goal. They forget the things that were going to deliver results. Cassie fell into a comfort zone.

I remember assessing her for the fourth time and she gained back what she lost, and even more. She was discouraged. We talked about her life and I found out that she was dealing with some difficult things in life, so I helped her realize that she would be okay.

As we continued talking, she decided to enter to one of the challenges we promote. After she finished, Cassie achieved very good results - losing a little over 2%. I remember she became excited again and she started to talk about different diets and trends and so on. I let her speak and make her conclusions. She is over 40 years of age. So I asked her, “How many time have you tried diets and trends?”

She responded, “Many times.”

Which I responded, “Have you noticed that you have not delivered the results you wanted those times you tried a diet.”

She sat attentively listening. So I continue, “What is it that you did differently this time and when you started as opposed to when you gained weight?”

“I started coming 3 times a week or more consistently and followed the eating plan that we created together.”

Glass of wine

“Did you do the same the months you gained fat?"

“There you have the answer to your problem. Let me tell you what I see. You are not being consistent. So, let’s, you and I, come up with an agreement and plan. Can you be consistent for these coming months?”

For many people, they are doing what is right to lose weight, but they forget about it and once again, they get comfortable or problems get in the way and they let it go. This is what happened to Cassie.

Cassie was consistent for another month following her weight loss plan...

and when she returned for her assessment, she saw results again. However, she started to talk about what she can eat to lose the belly fat. She was excited again to lose weight, but she was not really seeing the results she wanted. Which I responded by showing her her results:

Start- April 33% May 32%

June 31%

July 36%

August 34%

September 32%

This is how you lose your belly fat...

There is no way to isolate fat on the body. When you lose fat, you lose it all over the body. But you are not seeing any change in your stomach not because you are not practicing the good behavior, you are starting over again. Let me show you and at the same time I am showing how you are also wasting your time.

In April you started with 33% body fat. You started following our program and lost 2% in two months which is not the best, but you were in your way. Somehow, you got distracted by problems, which I am not saying that you should ignore them, but you could continue with your new eating habits, give yourself 3 hours a week of exercise, and you would have continued on your way. However, because you went back to your old habits, such as drinking a glass of wine a day, you regained all the weight you lost in 2 months in 1 month and 3% more. I am not judging you for what you did; I am only bringing facts to the table. This way you can see what happens in your life and what gives you results and what contributes to your weight gain.

Then, we talked about what can you improve and we went back to what you did in the beginning when you started delivering results. But, please, look at the chart. Do you see that now you are back where you started? So really, you have lost nothing. You went back where you started.

body fat chart

Keep in mind that if you have not started the program, you could have gone up to 40% body fat...

On the other hand, if you would have continue losing 1% body fat, you would be at 28% or if you would have lost 2% then you would have been at 25% body fat and your belly fat would be less by now. To get rid of your belly fat, you need at 19% body fat. I think there is a lesson to learn for both of us.”

Cassie was impressed by the common sense that she could not see until I pointed it out. After she noticed she lost some valuable time and she can deliver result by being consistent, she got very excited and went back on track. Now she tells me every time she sees me, “Consistency,” and winks at me.

A month has passed and she has continued being consistent and her body is finally changing. There are no special diet, exercise, or secret. All it takes to deliver results is to be consistent.


Custom Body Fitness is located in Glenwood Springs CO and Carbondale CO

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