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Get More Done With A to Do List

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Everyday I wake up with a “to do” list ready, including phone calls, assessments, meetings, writing, reading, exercise, emails and so on. There are things on my list that need immediate attention, others that need to be done even though I don’t feel like doing them and still others that need to be done but are lower priority.

Note book and pens

A “to do” list is very important to keep you on track and progressing on all fronts...

A “to do” list makes you responsible because it reminds you about meetings, contracts and promises. A “to do” list is also important because it helps you take care of your life without missing an important project.

Many people have insomnia because they don’t write out a “to do” list. They try to remember everything, and the brain can’t rest at night trying to keep track of all the projects that need to be done. It is important to write every single project on a piece of paper to let the brain rest and work on other important things, such as new inventions.

Once you have your “to do” list ready, it is time to prioritize it...

Your priorities may vary depending on your occupation, values and desires. However, it is very important to know clearly what your goals are to be able to prioritize your “to do” list. This sentence is so important that is worth repeating it: It is very important to know clearly what your goals are to be able to prioritize your “to do” list.

Here is how I prioritize my list according to my goals. Your goals will vary from mine, but at least it will give you an idea. My primary goal is to be happy.

There are 5 areas of my life that I take care of, so I set a time for each of them. These areas are God, family, health, knowledge, profession and hobbies. If you noticed, God is the first thing on my list, and hobbies is the last thing. Therefore, I make sure I take care of the most important items and go down to the least important. So my week day will go like this according to time not priorities:

hands praying

Morning prayer (God)

Breakfast (health)

Meetings (profession)

Exercise (health)

Walk (God)

Read (knowledge and profession)

Go over goals or writing (profession)

Cooking with family (family and health) Spending time with my significant other (family).

Nevertheless, if we talking about a weekend, my day start with my prays and family first.

There are projects that I need to get done because they have a deadline and are more important in the moment...

For example, I would cancel a meeting and write if I had to turn in an article. Or maybe do my walk later and squeeze in a meeting before. Or if there’s a family emergency I’ll cancel everything for the moment and make it top priority. However, I never stop working on my list.

Get more done with a to do list...

I’ll be more specific. Let’s look at profession, for example. This includes but is not limited to meetings, writing, phone calls, reading and creating new projects. There are three lessons I keep in mind when I prioritize my list here: Do the ones I don’t want to do, I’m afraid of and are important.

So it’s very simple: Get your “to do” list done, determine your goals, divide all areas of your life into categories, prioritize your to do list according to how important they are and do the ones that you don’t want to do, you are afraid of, are important and tedious. This act will help you achieve more during the day than just swinging it.


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