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How to Avoid Suffering

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

There are many laws such as the laws of gravity, electricity, inertia, etc...

Some people call these principles. It is important to learn the laws that directly affect us every day for two reasons: One is because this is how to avoid suffering, and the second is to benefit from them.

electric toward

For example, when I was young I got electrocuted by an energy outlet in my house when I accidentally touch the positive cable and the ground. You may have noticed I’m still alive — it was not strong enough to kill me — but it hurt.

After that I had the curiosity to learn the basics of electricity. One thing I learned is that if I am not touching the ground there is no path (circuit) for electricity to travel through; therefore, I won’t be shocked. I learned the basics. Don’t touch a hot wire and be grounded. Nevertheless, I am not an electrician, and my intention is not to be one. Therefore, I just keep it safe by not touching either.

The next example is about my friend in Mexico City. He was around 11 years old, and he loved super heroes. In fact, he wanted to be like Batman. One day he climbed to the roof of his house, and there was a pile of dirt below. He was wearing a cape, and with a scream — “Baiman!” — he jumped, breaking several bones when he landed. I think he learned about the law of gravity.

I want to give you one more example. When I was new to lifting weights, I lifted without knowing exactly what I was doing, and I hurt my shoulder. Often it is important to hire a professional to teach us the basics. I hurt my shoulder because I did not apply the law of inertia when I was lifting weights. I could lift the weight using my body weight, but I did not have the shoulder strength to retain the weight as I was lowering it. My joint took the hit many times. Now I make sure I teach this to my clients, so they don’t hurt themselves like I did.

With these physical laws we can experience the results right away, but there are other laws that we ignore, such as the law of “giving” or the law of “what we don’t use we lose.”

We call them laws because there is no way we can change their effect...

Girl harvesting

Yes we can benefit from the law once we learn it, but we can’t change it. For instance, by using electricity correctly, we have light, power and other benefits that help us to have a high quality of life. By working with gravity we can fly. By learning about inertia we have developed many machines that are safe to use for construction, exercise and other things.

What we want to do with a law or want to believe is our decision, but it is important to know how it works, once again, to avoid being hurt or to benefit from it.

Have you heard the story of the talents...?

There was a master who had three laborers. He gave 5 talents to the first one, 2 to the second and 1 to the third. The master left for a good period of time. When he came back, he asked the laborers for the talents. The first laborer returned 10 talents to the master saying that he invested them, to which the master replied the laborer should keep them and he will give him more wealth and responsibilities. The same happened with the second laborer. But with the third the story is different. The laborer knew that the master was going to come back someday to pick up his talent, so he had hidden it. Now he got it out of the hidden spot and gave it back to the master. The master got upset and took the talent and everything else he owned away from him and gave it to the others.

If you ask me if I think this is fair I would say no. But I don’t think it’s fair that I had to learn that I can get hurt by touching wires the wrong way, and I don’t think my friend should have had to suffer the consequences of falling and breaking many bones, and I don’t think it’s fair I hurt my shoulder by being ignorant. But life works like that. And this is the reason why it’s important to learn.

The message of this story is that if we don’t use it we lose it...

If we don’t use our muscles, we lose them; if we don’t use our energy, it fades; if we don’t use our brain, the intelligence capacity diminishes because the neuron connection diminishes as well; if we don’t use our heart, it shrinks; if we don’t invest our money, we waste it; if we don’t use our talents, we lose them.

This is related to the story of the fig tree that didn’t want to produce figs. The owner decided to cut it down because the purpose of a fig tree is to produce figs. Otherwise it’s unworthy.

Happiness is related to prosperity, and prosperity is only possible by using your resources, and your resources are yourself. I am my resource, and you are your resource. The more we use our abilities the more we increase our abilities.


In the past I wanted more for less. I did not understand that for me to get more I needed to do more, to give more. Finally I understood that to get value from people I have to give value to them, and the more value I give the more value I receive.

This was my next lesson...

For me to get more from the world I needed to add more value to the world. And this is what I do. Magically I’m doing well not only because I am good at what we do, but because I add value to the world. I write articles for the Post Independent and as well for the Internet. I have written a book and am working on two more. I opened a second business location in Glenwood Springs. And honestly I do this because I want to help others. I use my talents. Therefore, my reward is always bigger.

I used to be on the other side where I wanted everyone to give to me without me contributing. I had a “give me” “only me” mentality. Now I focus on how I can help you reach your goals and your happiness.

So this is how to avoid suffering...

If you apply this to your health, you will get results. If you give yourself time to exercise and eat healthily, you will become healthier, have more energy, be stronger, improve your stamina and increase your happiness. If you invest your money to help others, you will get double your money and make a difference in this world. If you give responsible love to your family and friends, they will love you more. If you get knowledge, you will learn and understand more. Your talents will double.

I accept it. It is work, but it is also work being out of shape, carrying around extra pounds of fat and feeling weak and tired. It is difficult living paycheck to paycheck, thinking about only myself and forgetting about the rest who need my services.

It is difficult coming home and playing the victim saying that no one understands me or loves me when I don’t make the effort to understand others. And I think it is also hard being ignorant and suffering the consequences because I don’t take the time to study basic principles.


Custom Body Fitness is located in Glenwood Springs CO and Carbondale CO

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