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Where Do you Fall In The Weight Loss Statistics?

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

According to the weight loss statistics, nearly 95% of people fail to achieve their weight loss goal and 95% of the 5% who lost weight, will regain it back...

weight loss before and after

This means that out of 400 people 380 will drop their weight loss program. Left are 20 people who completed some weight loss. Out of these 20 people 19 will regain the weight lost. That leaves only 1 successful person out of the original 400 people. What does this 1 person have that the other 499 don’t have? It’s the accumulation of many factors. However, he or she has a burning desire to lose weight. He or she is willing sacrifice everything, except positive human relationships, her or his health and integrity. She or he exercises and eats like the last and first day of their program, with the same passion they had when they started, and with the feeling that time is running out.

Let me tell you a story that I heard:

It was about a youngster who wanted to be successful and in his town was a guru who knew how to achieve anything in life. He was a successful man in all areas of his life. The youngster went over to the guru’s house and asked him to teach him how to succeed in life. The guru replied, “Meet me by the beach tomorrow and get ready to get wet.”

Man swimming under water

The youngster met the guru the next day at the beach and he told the guru that he was ready. The guru told him to get in the water until the water covered his ankles and the youngster did so. The guru told him to go in deeper until the water covered his knees, following his hips and then his chest. Once the water covered the youngster’s neck, the youngster said, “I’m here to learn how to be successful and not how to swim.”

The guru got close to the youngster and pushed him just ahead to where the water was deeper. The youngster started to desperately swing his hands and feet to get to the safe spot. He was able to manage and make it to a safe spot.

Once the youngster was calm, the guru replied, “When you are in your comfort zone, you don’t give the best of you, but when you get out of it, you do your best to survive. This is how people succeed.

The story reminds me of when I was drowning in a river...

blonde flexing

I’m not a good swimmer. In fact, I don’t know how to float. On one of my vacations in Chiapas, Mexico I was swimming in a river and did not take into considerations that rivers have deep spots. Once I got tired and I wanted to stop; I tried to touch the ground and couldn’t. I panicked for I realized I was drowning. In 5 seconds, my past, and my future came into my mind. I couldn’t believe I was about to die in just a blink of an eye. The human being gets resources from his inner self when it is in threat. I decided not to die there; I did my best to catch my breath, and get enough energy to swim back. I made it and I could touch the ground!

The 1 person who succeeds out of those 400 hundred (according to weight loss statistics) lives his or her life like it’s their last. She or he does not leave things pending for the next day, next month, or next year. He or she understands what counts is what she or he is doing right now in the moment, and to give the same effort to every moment. The only thing that matters to him or her is what he or she is doing right now. She or he is committed to their desire to lose weight and get in shape; no excuses are big enough to stop them. When was the last time you wanted something and really fought for it? Did you make excuses or did you give it your best? Are you living your life to succeed or just going with the flow? You want to get rid of that “muffin top,” “love handle,” and get a flat stomach? Achieve your ideal weight loss? Exercise like it was your last opportunity, eat like you had a deadly disease caused from bad foods, meditate like it was your last day of life, and love yourself like you never have before.


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