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Weight Loss Is Possible: How Much Time Have You Wasted?

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Get back in track to make your weight loss goal possible...

Let’s say that you run nine miles per hour and you have two hours and 10 minutes to get to your friend’s house to save his (or her) life, and the destination is 18 miles away. You have only the choice to run — no bikes, no cars, no wheels of any kind.

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In the first scenario, you feel tired, and you decide to take a nine-minute nap, knowing you can get there on time. But you forget to set an alarm, and you wake up an hour later. Now you’ve lost an hour, and it is impossible to get there on time, no matter how hard you try.

Second scenario. You start running but never take the time to find out which direction you need to go. After an hour, you figure out that you are running in the wrong direction. Now you’ve wasted an hour and need an extra hour to get back to where you started. Instead of two hours to get there, it will also take the hour you just wasted and the extra hour you need to retrace your steps, meaning you need four hours to get to your goal, which is too long. Your friend is dead.

Last scenario. You know where you’re heading and decide not to waste time and just go even though you’ll be 10 minutes early. But better early than late, better to find your friend alive than dead for one minute. You go and get there 10 minutes early as predicted. You got to your goal, and you saved your friend’s life.

Now let’s relate these scenarios to your weight loss goals...

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In the first scenario, you want to lose 60 pounds, and your weight loss rate is five pounds per month. You know you can achieve your goal in 12 months. You feel that you have all year to get there and don’t do your best in the beginning. After wasting eight months, you decide it’s time to put all your effort into your program. However, you haven’t yet lost a pound, and now you expect to lose all 60 in four months at the rate your body allows you to lose, which is only 5 pounds a month. You won’t be able to do it.

Second scenario. You start your weight loss program but put no effort into your exercise routine and miss a couple of sessions here and there. You eat all the wrong foods with empty calories and ignore whole foods. You eat out often and don’t care about what’s in your food. You think that by the easy exercise you’ve done, you will burn all the empty calories you’ve eaten. After three months, you notice that you are 15 pounds heavier instead of lighter. Now instead of taking 12 months to get to your goal, it will take you the 12 months planned, the three months you wasted and three more months to get back to the point where you started your weight loss program. If we add it all up, it means that now you need at least 18 months to get to your goal. This is a waste of time and life.

Last scenario. You find out how to get rid of the 60 pounds and follow all the recommendations. You start the same day and don’t leave anything for tomorrow. Diligently you choose your food and exercise, giving your best every time. You keep track every month finding that, indeed, you are losing five pounds per month. You never cut corners on your program, and by the end of the 12 months, you’re no longer carrying the extra 60 pounds of fat.

No matter the scenario, the truth is that once the time is gone, it’s gone...

If you don’t pay attention, what should take you one hour can take hours, days or months to complete. What you could have done in one year can take you two. Time adds up each time you don’t take the right action to get to your goal.

Set up your goals, find the right information and take action to get there because weight loss is possible.


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