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My Biggest Secret for Weight Loss

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

This is my biggest secret for weight loss that I want you to benefit from...


I wake up in the morning; the first action I take is go straight to the kitchen and prepare my oatmeal. I let it

cook as I meditate and shower. This is how my day and my weight loss program start every morning. From 5am to 10am I am usually training our members at Custom Body Fitness. By 10 am, I am ready for my fruit snack. I exercise, go for a walk, have a meeting and eat my lunch between 12 and 2 pm. Th biggest secret for weight loss is that you have to start you day with a plan.

After my lunch, I continue working until 4pm when is time for my next snack, fruit or a smoothie. I go back to train our members from 5 to 8 pm. I come home and prepare my dinner. I read, continue working and go to bed between 10 and 11 pm.

This is my biggest for weight loss...

Many people think that I stay in shape because that is all I do and others think that my body is in shape just because of it. However, weight loss and being in shape is not luck. It is called a lifestyle.

If we take my life as an example, there are various things I do to stay in shape. First I eat a healthy breakfast; second I have a food schedule that I follow; I snack on fruits and prepare my breakfast, lunch and dinner. I never drink sugar added drinks, beer or alcohol or eat candy, or fast food, or skip my breakfast, lunch or dinner. Also, I don’t usually eat out. That helps me stay in shape by cooking the right foods and knowing what is on my plate. Plus, I save money. In reality, there is not a biggest secret for weight loss. You just need to have a healthy lifestyle.

Now, there is no day that I skip my exercise, even if I don’t have the energy to do it. I never do a mediocre workout. I go all in. The day my brain cuts me some slack on my exercise, that day I will become weaker mentally and physically, and start gaining some weight.

Sandro doing push ups with135 pounds on back

You don't need to count calories for your weight loss program...

I don’t have to count my calories because there is no way I can eat extra calories eating the right foods. Also, by increasing my muscle mass I burn more calories than a regular human being who does not. In addition, I burn calories by exercising. I think many people think this is the biggest secret for weight loss, but you can lose the extra pounds by eating healthy, being active and do weight lifting.

While this is a lifestyle, everything I do fulfills a human need. Eating, exercising, and sleeping do contribute to my physical need; meditating, walking and helping others helps me with my spiritual need; having a community of members who I help and coworkers who have the same goals, helps me with feelings of acceptance; working helps me with my material need; spending time at work learning and researching helps me with my learning need; teaching my coworkers and members all my knowledge aids me in my creating need; knowing that I am making a change by understanding our members and listening to their life’s concern also helps me with my caring need.

By the end I know I have a purpose here in life and I am living it every day. This is what is called a lifestyle. Weight loss is part of my life because I live it every day without questioning if I have do to things because I need to lose weight or get in shape. It is just part of my life.

Get to know yourself before you start your weight loss program...

To get here was not very simple. First I needed to find myself. I needed to start questioning everything and everyone. Everyone has beliefs and they teach what they believe. I don’t take advice from doctors or any other professional who I know are not capable of helping me. Many people claim to have the biggest secret for weight loss, but reality is that is only a lifestyle that you need to follow.

Boxing coach

Knowledge is not the only thing that I am looking for. I am looking for the lifestyle the person has when the person is giving an advice. If someone is telling that I should not take risks to do something because I could regret and that person is unhappy with his life, I don’t take the advice. However, if the person tells me to take calculated risks and I see the person is fulfilled, successful and happy, I am taking the advice. Just like any weight loss advice, you need to check the person lifestyle instead of what she is promoting.

Nevertheless, what I want is what matters. I don’t let anyone persuade me to do anything if it does not fit with my values or morals. Staying true to myself is more important than lying to myself. No one likes to be with some who is not true to himself and breaking my values and moral is not being true to myself. Therefore, I would not be happy with myself and the gain of any action taken only because if gives me something in return. It is not worth losing my integrity. So I am not lying to you when I say that the biggest secret for weight loss is a lifestyle.

Before you can create a lifestyle that deliver results for your weight loss and health, first find yourself and make sure you are ready to be true to yourself.


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