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Plan Your Day To Improve Real Weight Loss Results

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

Here is my diet plan for real weight loss results. Planning your day can really help you get on the right paths for weight loss success.


My reading and continuing education are very important to me. It is a habit that have helped me to understand myself, others, and life. By reading, I find new concepts that I apply in my life. These new concepts, theories, truths or whatever you want to call them, often deepen my thinking and improve my life.

I have read that God forgives, humans not always, but time never forgives. Once the time is wasted, it is GONE! According to many experts, planning your day is an efficient way to get the most of your day and, therefore, your time. You’ll get more of your goals and activities done, including your weight loss lost program.

4:50 am- Wake up, shower and dress, cook and eat breakfast (oatmeal), check my calendar, drive to work and pray at the same time.

6 am- Welcome Custom Body Fitness members and help them achieve their goal by training them and making their day a great day!

10:15 am- Eat my snack (fruit) and exercise.

11:30 am- Go for my meditation walk.

12:30 pm- Drive back home, cook lunch (veggies, grains and legumes), and take a nap.

1:00 pm- Study, check for Custom Body Fitness members’ needs and continue working.

3:30 pm- Do any errands that need to be done, as an example, pay bills, make phone calls, scheduled assessments and eat another snack (fruits).

4:30 pm- Drive back to Custom Body Fitness for afternoon sessions.

5 pm- Welcome Custom Body Fitness members and train them and help them with their fitness and weight loss goals.

Salad plate

9 pm- Drive back home, cook dog’s food and my dinner for me to eat (veggies, grains and legumes); watch a webinar, seminar or conference.

10: pm- get ready for bed and pray.

If you notice, many habits keep me on track to get real weight loss results...

My health depends on my exercises, meditation, self-education, food intake, job, interaction with my clients, as well as errands that need to be done. As you see, everything is planned so it’s easy to manage my physical, spiritual, intellectual, and professional needs. Of course, sometimes there are emergencies or inconveniences once in a while. However, if you are decent at managing stress, you can get back in track in a few hours or a couple of days. Getting back to your healthy habits makes you feel so good.

Back to the main point of my pep talk today: if your goal is to lose weight and keep it off, it is important that you start planning your days, so you don’t miss your workouts, duties, and regular and healthy meal times too.

Woman running

Also, experts have shown that when you’ve planned your day and look at your upcoming schedule the night before, your brain unconsciously knows how the day is going to be and you have to do less effort to get everything done.

So there you have it, another tool for you to lose the weight you are tired to carrying.

Remember, if you really want to achieve your dream body, you need to act now and change your habits. New behaviors and a positive attitude will get you to the new you. So start applying planning in your life and you will find out how great it works.


Custom Body Fitness is located in Glenwood Springs CO and Carbondale CO

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