Lose Weight By Applying Psychology

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

This is how we can you to lose weight...

We, fitness professionals, are focus in many physical events that we can do to lose weight and give healthy examples include running, weight lifting, taking time for breakfast, eating mainly fruits and vegetables, lowering meat intake, choosing whole grains, avoiding dairy, cutting out processed foods and GMOs, and severely no added sugar drinks and alcohol.

While many people know about these recommendations, we health professionals can help out with other deeper aspects of overall well-being- the mental aspect. While everything yet mentioned does help with weight loss results, our mind set is the most important because that is how we take decisions.

Your psychology is the key...

Here are some psychological tips to help you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals.

Believe: Set up your mind to understand that weight loss is in your control and is very possible.

Find a purpose...

Finding the reason why you want to lose weight will help you stick to your program. You will do better, for example, if you are getting married and you want to fit perfectly into the beautiful dress.

Have desire...

Think about the discomfort your body is giving you because of the extra weight you have. Then compare what the benefits of a thinner body would be to your new lifestyle. This will bring about a stronger desire for weight loss and general fitness.

Be persistent...

Persistence is the key to any success in life. Think about it. Only people who are persistent achieve their goals. The rest only try. Weight loss is not an overnight event. In fact, it’s more difficult for some people than for others and requires more time. Yet these people are those who are more successful. The reason could be because they know how hard they have to work and they persist, while many of the rest don’t. Follow the right steps and be persistent.

Seek Information...

Keep learning constantly. Find reliable information. Try to avoid the many myths and false solutions out there, just because you might not achieve your goals at first, don’t create defeatist myths about yourself. Keep at it. Seek out facts and helpful strategies about your health. Whatever the situation is, use your brain and common sense. Avoid weight-loss scams. Some people only are looking for your money and will try everything to sell you a product that promises everything but doesn’t work. Assess any information you get and put all the pieces of the puzzle together. As Albert Einstein said, “Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking.”


Brainstorm and design a Plan A and a Plan B. Follow the first plan but adjust it as needed.

Plan B is only if plan be can’t be perform. Plan your day, week, month, and year. People don’t achieve their goals by accident—they have at least one plan. A mindless, chaotic lifestyle is not conducive to achieving weight loss or even basic fitness.

Be a hero...

As you go along your weight loss journey and get results, share your experience with others who need them and are themselves ready to change. This will keep you accountable and help you lose weight permanently. You will also feel good by helping others. Plus, as you know, good things happen to good people.

Be decisive...

Act,-do it now! Let me repeat, take action about your life! Your body and habits will never change if you don’t start to make changes. No magic thing will happen unless you act. Don’t end up just wishing and hoping and next December find yourself the same or with even more weight.

Invest in your health...

Nothing is more valuable than your health. Be choosy about buying material things. Instead, spend money on anything that will enhance your health, such as fresh food, informative books, and helpful services. You only have one body and you probably want to take care of it. You can’t go to a body dealer or a doctor and get a new one. Losing weight and keeping fit about love your body and take care of it. Material things come and go and you can replace them, unlike your health and body.

Your mind set is what is going to lead you to your weight loss success and, therefore, you need to work on it. Throw this article up as a screen saver for the year.

Read it every day, become familiar with its contents, and be ready to change your life.

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