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Find The Perfect Approach for Weight Loss

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

For example, there are people who just want to lose weight to feel better...

But they don’t know how much weight loss would make them feel better. Once they lose five pounds, they want to lose more. They reach the fifteen pounds goals and they are still not happy with their goals.

Fit woman's back
Weight loss does not mean a toned body. You need to do weight lifting to tone your body.

Many other times people don’t want to lose weight, but they want to improve their lives and they think exercise is the solution for their problem. While exercise will improve a person’s life, the solution to the person’s problem could be something different.

Another thing I think is a problem is that they have a bad perception about weight loss...

Consequently, they are not happy when they have lost some weight. They think losing weight is the key for them to look good and feel good, but the reality is they want to tone and improve their body.

These are the reasons why I take my time to interview a new member when she wants to join Custom Body Fitness.

Find the perfect approach for weight loss...

Let’s say a new member does not know how much weight she wants to lose. Then I ask a question that will allow me to know why the person wants to lose weight and how much would be ideal for her. I learn about the person’s desire to change, about her failures and experience in the past, if she has met her goal before, or if she ever has been happy with her weight.

After I find out about her real specific goals, then we (our new member and I) start writing down all the new behaviors she needs to change to achieve such goals.

Nurse checking patience
Controlling Type 2 diabetes is possible when exercising and eating healthy.

On the other hand, we have people who really want to improve their lives and weight loss is not the goal but a side effect. For example, a person who is diagnosed with diabetes type 2 wants to control such disease and continue with her life. So then the real problem is not her weight but her lifestyle. Once she changes her lifestyle, diabetes would be under control and weight loss would be a side effect of the changes she is making. But focusing on lifestyle change is more important than focusing on weight loss.

This is contrary to the person who wants to improve her appearance...

The person who wants to improve her appearance, losing weight just because of it won’t do it for her. Counting calories, dieting or taking supplements might help the person lose weight, but it won’t improve her appearance compared to eating healthy and exercising, especially doing weight lifting. One of the tools that have helped me deliver results to our members is to understand what they really want.

Once we find out what their goals are, I take my time to explain how to get there and debunk some myths.

Woman taking notes
Taking notes to create specific weight loss goals.

So ask yourself some questions about what it is that you want to achieve when you think about exercising, eating healthy, dieting, counting calories, running or losing some weight.

It is true that taking action is better than not doing anything, but if you take educated and smart action it would improve the probabilities that start on the right path finding the perfect approach to weight loss and reach your goal faster.


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