The Path That You Encounter In Your Weight Loss Program

Kim just started her weight loss program...

She is committed to 3 weight lifting sessions a week, 3 days of hiking a week and to start eating healthy.

Kim is into her first two weeks and she is ready to quit.

“Sandro, I have a couple questions to ask. Do you have time?”

“What is going on?”

“This is not for me. It is hard to lift weights and be at everyone else’s fitness level. I feel like I would never catch up and I get frustrated. I am very sore and I don’t want to feel like that all the time. I have not been following the eating plan we have created. I have tried, but I go back to eating like before. This is not what I thought.”

“Yes, you are right. This is not easy but also is not impossible. Do you see all the people who you train with? They started just like you. They wanted to be in shape just like the others. But no one started being in shape.

All of our members started from the bottom. Remember, they took them time before they could do what they are doing right now. They were in your shoes before. The fact they can do better than you, according to you, right now does not mean that they could do it when they started. This is not about competition. This is about you taking your time and letting your body get in shape in its own time.

Of course you are sore. You have not exercised for years. But your soreness won’t be the same after these two weeks. It will be less painful and you will get used to it as well. You can’t just give up because you are sore for a couple of weeks.

About your eating, you are human. Yes, you are going to relapse and not be able to follow the whole eating plan. This is the reason why we have created small goals. It is okay to fail, but don’t focus on your failures. Tell me what have you been doing right these past two weeks?”

“Well, I still eat a lot at dinner because I skip lunch. But I have stopped drinking soda and I don’t stop by fast food restaurants. I drank a couple of alcoholic drinks this past weekend.”

“So you don’t drink soda anymore? What about breakfast?”

I am eating breakfast.

“There you have it. You are not perfect, but you have improved. Let those new habits take root in your life and then we can continue working on perfection, but don’t be so hard on you and think about quitting and go back to the same and gain more weight.”

“You are right, Sandro. I thought I was the only one struggling on this.”

“No, trust me the first two weeks are difficult and most people have the same issues as you do, Kim.”

I convinced Kim to continue with her weight loss program...

by letting her know that what she was experiencing is normal. Many times new members don’t have an idea that most people feel the same way the first two weeks of a weight loss program.

The Path That You Encounter In Your Weight Loss Program
Many times our members need encouragement to continue their weight loss program

Two months have passed and Kim is now struggling with new issues.

“Sandro, I have a couple questions. May I talk to you when the session is over?”

“No problem.”

When the session was over, I approached Kim.

“What is happening, Kim?”

“I feel like I am not progressing. I don’t see much change in my body. I see other people lifting heav