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How To Hire A Personal Trainer

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Get In ShapeHiring a personal trainer is not that simple, especially when you are spending thousands of dollars to achieve a fitness outcome. It is like hiring a babysitter. You want to leave your kids in the best hands possible where you know they are safe, learning new things and treated well.

Personal Trainer helping client

The same goes with your health and fitness goals. You want to make sure you get the best results from the investment you are making. Therefore, you want the best personal trainer that fits your goals.

This is how to hire a Personal Trainer...

Here are a couple tips I can give you to find the best personal trainer for you.

Find out what your goal is…

Just like finding a surgeon, you need to know what the goal is. If you need knee surgery, you are not going to find an eye surgeon to fix your knee. If you want to be trained to run marathon, then find a trainer who has the knowledge to teach you how to efficiently run one. Don’t hired a body building expert, even though the body building expert is a great personal trainer, he is not what you need. Remember that the “best personal trainer” around is not always the best fit for you.

For example, when people come to me and ask me if I can help them compete in a fitness competition, I send them to a different route since what we do is body toning and weight loss, not competition.

Find proof your new personal trainer can help you achieve your goals…

Marathon on rain

If the personal trainer you are going to hire is helping you run a marathon, ask the obvious questions, has he run a marathon? How many people he has helped to run a marathon? How successful have they been?

For example, I have many testimonials of people who I have helped lose weight and tone their body. This tells my clients that I have the capability to help them.

Like your personal trainer…

It does not matter how great your personal trainer is at what he does, such as running marathons. The real question is, how many people he has helped if you don’t like him. There should be a sense of relationship between you two and both have to like each other to work together. You won’t date someone you don’t like because your relationship will fail. Why would you hire someone you don’t like only because he is the best?

For example, I had a member who did not like me because I am very pushy and she said she needed a more “compassionate” program when I reminded her that we had a goal to meet. We sat and talked about the issue and both agreed that we are not a good fit. She walked away from our program and I let her go, even to this day she has not achieved her goal. But we were honest with each other. On the other hand, I have other members that like my attitude and my passion to deliver them results.

Your personal trainer should have the knowledge…


Knowledge to teach, knowledge about the topic, knowledge about human behavior, knowledge about anything that has to do about the results you want is very important because getting to your results is a journey and it won’t be a just one event that gets you there. Your personal trainer should know how to pass the knowledge on to you. For instance, weight loss is not just about diet and exercise. It is about many other topics and I spend a lot of time teaching our members where they can improve for them to get better results.

Your personal trainer should help you to get out of your comfort zone…

If you are hiring a personal trainer chances are that you are not only looking for knowledge but also motivation. Your personal trainer should know how to challenge you and get you out of your comfort zone by motivating you. He should always ask more from you because he wants you to be the best version of yourself. If your personal trainer is only pushing to the point where you put some resistance, he is giving up and not doing his duty.

I believe these are the most important things that you should take into consideration before hiring a personal trainer. Money is not an issue when the personal trainer meets all of the above requirements. You will be willing to pay when you find the right personal trainer.


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