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You Can Only Get The Results You Work For

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

How are you and pain getting along. Have you seen the videos where monks are being pierced and they don’t move or flinch or show any sign of pain whatsoever? This is going to sound crazy to you, but there is no difference between the monks and us other than the capacity for mind control they have developed to handle so much pain.

Sandro Torres with two Japanese girls

I am no monk by any means, but I can tell you that thanks to my childhood I have learned to handle a level of pain that many of the population can’t handle. I got three knee surgeries, and I did not take more than 4 Advils in my whole rehab on the three surgeries. In the last surgery, three ligaments were completely reconstructed by using two grafts from my body, part of my patella tendon of the same knee and my hamstring of the opposite leg. You can imagine how much I was handling without medication. Why is this important for weight loss or any kind of success?

Get the results you work for...

When I lift weights, many people are impressed by the amount of weight I can lift without showing signs of discomfort. I once traveled 19 miles, running 12 of those and hiking 7, and ignored the pain I was in. I have injured myself and never paid attention until it heals. Sometimes I get sick, and I don’t notice it until I am in the last day of the illness, and then I am just getting better.

As I mentioned, there are people who can take more pain than me, such as the monks. And these are the people who have achieved more in life than the normal population. Donald Trump and Dan Pena are examples. I am not fond of them, but the truth is that their success is because of the discomfort they can take, and they know it. Listen to their talks when they give advice, and that is what they focus on.

This is very important for you to learn...

because many make pain their enemy and quit as soon as they feel some kind of discomfort, therefore not achieving their goals. I have lifted weights for over 18 years, and I have 10 years experience training others. You know what is one of the biggest limitations to getting real results? The fear of pain and discomfort. As soon as people’s bodies start to complain, they quit and go back to being the same. The only people who I have seen get results are those who make discomfort their friend.

many body transformation before and after

I can give you an example. We have a member who has seen great results and has been training with us for more than a year. She knows that exercising is about progressing and being in some kind of discomfort, and she pushes herself with our help. Of course, because she knows what it takes to get results, she lets us help her. Otherwise, it would be impossible for us to help her. One time her knee was in pain, and she was ready to give up her weight lifting. I saw her face of frustration. She started to cry. She confessed to me that she was afraid that the knee pain would lead to an injury. I took time to explain to her how the knee works, and it is close to impossible to injure the knee by flexing it and extending it.

However, the pain was there. Her body was complaining and stopping her from progressing. It’s one thing to have pain and another to injure the knee. Injuries happen from using the knee the wrong way. The pain was coming from tightness, but her brain was interpreting the pain as, “STOP! YOU ARE GETTING INJURED.”

After some words of encouragement...

and explaining how the knee works, she trusted me and did her lunges. She overcame this pain and fear and now is getting better results. She got the point that her body, the unconscious mind, was complaining and that she had the power to consciously communicate to her body that everything would be okay. Of course, she stretched and massaged and rolled the right muscles to release the muscles that were making the knee tight after she finished with her workout.

This is super important if you want to achieve something in life such as weight loss. YOU NEED TO EXPERIENCE A LEVEL OF DISCOMFORT YOU HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED BEFORE TO CHANGE YOUR BODY. If you haven’t, this is the reason you have not seen better results or you have lost everything you have achieved.

foot anatomy

One of your limitations is the belief that pain is bad and listening to your body’s complaints...

But I am not suggesting you hurt your body to achieve your goal. For example, if you have a broken bone, you need to let it heal. You can’t push your body with a broken bone because it won’t heal. However, there is so much fear about back, knee and shoulder injuries that people avoid using their bodies and think that any sign of pain is a chronic injury, which is not true. I have injured my back and my shoulder many times and continue pushing it, and every time it gets better. What usually has happened is muscle tightness or soreness. Learn to become friends with discomfort and pain, and you will achieve more than you have achieved so far. You will get the results you work for. Remember that this is the difference that makes the successful successful and the conformist conformist.


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