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Get Motivated and Improve Your Results

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Learning has become a regular habit that I practice every day...

I am aware that if I need to become successful in my life, I need to learn from a person who is successful in the area that I want and need to improve.

open book

Many times I hear people sharing a lot of good and valid information. If they would apply the information they share in their lives, they would be in a better position. For example, I have heard overweight people giving advice about losing weight and broke people talking about investing. It is not that the information isn't good, but they usually don’t know how it feels to apply such information in their own lives. Nothing speaks louder than actions.

So when I want to know something, such as how to make the right investment, improve my relationship, improve my health, improve my business, become a better person or have a higher connection with God, I make sure I ask people who are role models and are living what they know and, of course, are in a better position than me in that area.

I love to study people and make conclusions about who can help me improve my life...

When I am struggling or if I want to improve an area of my life, I make sure I ask the right person. For example, I have friends, clients and family who have been happily married for more than 20, 30 and 40 years. I think is safe to ask these people how they are happily married. Of course, there is not a single answer. What I have discovered is I need people to tell me their story, so I can make my conclusions.


I have heard so many amazing stories. My jaw drops when people open up to me and tell me all the hardships they have experienced, from losing loved ones, to being abused, to sacrificing years of their lives for others. Many are conscious choices and other times life just happens. But the truth is that nothing has been easy for them, and we don’t know how difficult other people’s lives are.

This is the reason many of us don’t improve our lives:

We are afraid of putting the new information in practice and pay the price.

I learned that being smart is applying the information we know and understanding that the information is not easy to apply. But I also learned that we don’t have an idea how difficult life has been for many people, and we don’t know their stories. Many of us think that they had it easy, until we find out otherwise.

I like telling people my story and my turnaround. The reason I tell my story is not to be the center of attention or for people to feel pity for me. I tell them my story so they can be motivated and realize they can do better. Nevertheless, after hearing so many stories about people’s struggles, I am the one who has noticed that I have not lived to my potential yet. These stories end up motivating me.

This is why I love supporting people in their goals.

However, supporting people is not the same as spoiling. It reminded me when I saw a guy finishing a marathon with his foot hurting. I could have told him, “You are hurting. You should stop,” but it would not do any good to his psyche.

custom body fitness rest pit

We were sponsoring a marathon giving water to runners right before the last three miles. A woman drove to the station and asked me to wait for her boys because they were the last ones in the race. She mentioned that one of the boys had a hurt foot, but he is so persistent that he won’t give up. I responded that she might have a son with a hurting foot and I understand that she was concerned, but she should be proud of her son for being so persistent. These are the people who make it in life and achieve their goals. They learn how to play hurting.

I did not think much of the situation until 10 minutes later when the son arrived. He not only was hurting, he had other limitations, but he had a big smile on his face. The way he was limping showed real pain. Like I said, I did not think much of it. For some reason, I thought that he would just stop at our station and jump into his mom’s car. But he drank his water and continued limping to the finish line.

I am being completely honest with you. I stared at him, and many thoughts crossed my mind. Once of those thoughts is how easy many of us have it, yet we complain about any discomfort. And how much suffering is in this world, yet certain people continue to the finish line just like the brave guy finishing his marathon. This is what I called heart, spirit, purpose, motivation, desire … I thought about my life and struggles, and he lightened my heart to do better. He touched my heart so much that I even cried.

There are so many amazing stories of people who have changed the world...

but not because they are special. They have become special, extraordinary. You and I have the same potential. But we have to have the desire to do better and the courage to endure some pain.

Improve your results...

So here is my conclusion: Get all the information you can from the right people to improve your situation, and make sure you apply the information to your life; don’t just gather information to collect it and prove you are smart. Smart people don’t just know — they do and live it.

Most of the time we don’t know other people’s stories until we listen to them. We need to listen between the words and understand that to change and become better, suffering is often required.

We think our lives have been hard until we hear someone else’s life story. Yes, our lives are difficult, but many others had it worse, and they have achieved more than we have.

People who have the desire and spirit to continue moving forward even though they are hurting will make it to the finish line. Many times pain is not a sign for you to stop, it is just an obstacle before you can improve your results.


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