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Change Your Plan But Never Your Goal

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

When we think about the life we desire, we get either excited or discouraged...

Many people think that their dream is impossible to achieve because they don’t have the resources or because it requires a lot of effort and they don’t want to get out of their comfort zone. Others get motivated and start their journey to their dream but stop as soon as it gets difficult.

I remember a conversation I had with one of our members. We were talking about food, and the issue was that she did not want to make time to prepare her food for weight loss. She is a hair stylist, and I wanted her to understand the importance of time and effort. As a comparison, I asked her to imagine a client walking into her business and telling her, “I want the best haircut, with color and style that suits me perfectly, and I want it in 5 minutes.”

Bride getting ready

She admitted that it takes time (more than an hour) and effort to get a good hairstyle. I continued adding examples: “Do you think a nice house will be built quickly and easily?” “Can you grow a family quickly and easily?” “Can you write a good book quickly and easily?” If nothing that is worthwhile can be made quickly and easily, why do you want your meal to be quick and easy? For the same reason most fast food is not good for us. Everything that is worthwhile requires time and effort. Weight loss is a process not a quick fix.

I am guessing your goal is worthwhile, so why do you think it will be easy to achieve? Does not matter if is weight loss or anything else in life. It will take time and effort.

I have set many goals and achieved them...

Often I have anticipated problems, and that makes it easier for me to achieve the goal, but not easy. The truth is that for every goal I have achieved I have had to overcome problems or obstacles.

I want you to imagine a football, soccer, hockey or basketball player. On offense, these athletes have one goal in mind when they are playing: to score. It would be easy for them to go in a straight line to the goal. However, they have many obstacles to overcome. They need to dash, tackle, pass the ball, turn, run opposite directions, move right or left, or take a step backwards.

I do the same trying to reach a goal. For example, opening CBF in Glenwood Springs, CO, I looked into three buildings. We had been looking into the first one for 6 months, and the deal fell through. We looked into the second, but the owners were never around, and we couldn’t come up with a deal. The third one seemed to be a very good fit, so I decided to sign the contract. However, it took some time before the agent could give me the contract to sign. As I was waiting for it, I found another attractive deal, which I took. This process took more than 8 months. I was planning to open CBF in Glenwood in January, but I ended up opening in September. Even though we were finally under contract on the right building, getting permits for building, finding contractors and passing all the inspections were still issues.

CBF group

The goal was to open a CBF branch in Glenwood Springs, CO. I never lost sight of the goal. My plan was to move into the first building without inconveniences, but just like the football player, I had to dash, turn, tackle and overcome problems to make it to my goal.

So any goal that is worthwhile will present problems. If you don’t lose sight of your goal, the problems are nothing more than obstacles you need to overcome. It will require patience, time and effort to achieve, but by the end, isn’t it what you want and live for?

There was an experiment where people were asked to walk to the end of a room in a straight line...

They were shown exactly where the end or goal was. There were some chairs in the way, so some walked around them and others jumped over them until they reached the goal, the end of the room.

Then they asked another group of people to walk the same straight line. The same chairs were in the way, but this time each person stopped at the first chair.

The message is that the first group of people had a clear goal, and they overcame the obstacle to get to the goal. The second group of people did not have a clear goal, and they stopped at the first chair.

Your desired life and your dream are possible...

You are here to make a difference and achieve your goals. Set up your goal, never lose sight of it, overcome all obstacles no matter how difficult, and know the path you will not be a straight line. It will change, and you need to change your plan accordingly. It will require time, patience and effort.

Change your plan, but never your goal


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