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1200 Calorie Diet. The Best Way To Lose Weight?

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Counting calories is another chore in life that many people are not happy doing. This is one of the reasons why many people fail to lose weight when they are in a calorie diet counting.

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There are many other reasons why a low calorie diet does not work. For example, not getting enough nutrients, being hungry and no having enough energy. Here is a better approach for weight loss than 1200 calorie diet.

You will probably agree with me on this...

The other day I had a conversation with a gentleman about the book I published two years ago. He seems to be in pretty good shape.

Before I could tell him anything about weight loss, he said that the formula is pretty simple: calories in and calories out. I told him that he was right, you probably already know this.

So, if this is so simple, how come so many people are still overweight and can’t lose weight? This is why my book, and my approach to weight loss, is different than other professionals. There are more than calories in and calories out behind the whole weight loss approach. There are many things that get in the way between “calories in and calories out”. For instance, here is a superficial example, but relative nonetheless. Two hundred calories from a beer are not the same as 200 calories from broccoli (obviously). Burning 300 calories from muscle is not the same as burning 300 calories from fat. Or why people decide to eat junk or empty calories instead of healthy calories?

The reality is...

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This is what I focus on most, what is your motivation to continue bad habits or what would motivate you to practice good habits? Is your health? Your kids? Your wedding? The swim suit you have collecting dust in your closet? It is self-confidence? Attracting a new boyfriend/girlfriend? Live longer? Have more energy? Because once you find a real motivation, the rest is easy to follow you will do ANYTHING to get it.

It would be completely useless if I went to a homeless person, who smokes, drinks alcohol, and is trying to survive to tell him, “Hey, my friend, you need to exercise.” For him, as for many of us, we need to understand our priorities and the life we want. Maybe a homeless person has no motivation to stay healthy and do something for his life. He may be worry about who is going to give him money for his next meal or drink. What about you? Do you have motivation?

The 1200 calorie diet is easy to set up...

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To set up a program for you to lose weight and get in shape is the easy part, like the guy I had the conversation with who said, “calories in and calories out”. The most challenging part of my career is to open your eyes and show you the reality of weight loss, and to continue to remind you why you want to lose weight, be in shape and, overall, be healthy. Once again, this is the challenge.

Do you agree with me? Maybe you have already overcome the challenge of bad habits and now you are thinking about the food you eat and your next exercise routine. Or are you on the other end? Have you stopped for a minute and thought about what motivates you to start your fitness program and what will sabotage it?

Forget about the calories and find your motivation to eat right...

The calories won't matter then because now you are eating healthy calories and full of nutrients. This will control your overeating and eating calories that don't count. There is no need to count calories or be worry about the amount of food you you eat when you eating the right calories.

This is worthwhile repeating, once you find your real motivation why should lose weight and stay healthy, you will find a way to lose the weight you want to lose.


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