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Choose Your Destiny

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Today you wake up after a night's sleep. You must wonder what the day will bring for you. Because other days have brought frustration perhaps you may think that this new day will do the same.

Now wait a second, hold that thought and rewind it...

Woman relaxing on bed

Today is a new day; you are the creator of your circumstances and you choose your destiny. This time your day is different. Why? Because you know you are responsible for what this day will bring to you. From today on, you take ownership of your destiny. Your days are magnificent. Each week, month, year and decade are bringing self-fulfillment. Today you have decided to do all it takes to make your day the best day. You are controlling all you can control, such as your thoughts and habits, and you are not letting things you can’t control affect you, such as others people’s decisions or the weather. You find and look for the best in life, in a rainy day, in a tragedy. Each tragedy brings a handful of opportunities. You give thanks and enjoy all the small things in life.

You hoose your destiny and you are paying the price for all your desires...

They are obstacles in the way, but you continue to be persistent until you get what you are looking for. You may change the route, but you are not changing your mind about your goal. You have a burning desire to reach it, and you are sacrificing everything you have to do so, except for your human relationships, your health and your integrity. Each day is a step closer to your goal, and you continue stepping even though you have done 30,000 steps and your body can no longer do it. As long as you live, you stay strong for your dreams because you choose your destiny.

You are not getting distracted by human pleasures...

These habits will only delay your dreams. However, you are fulfilling your heart and living a life of transcendence. You know you are a special human being, and you are powerful in the hands of a Superior Power. You are given what it takes every day to smile and to make people feel special. You do this because you want to be treated the same way, and love is reciprocated. You think all the time that all you do is easy because even when it's not, you make it easy.

Man running stairs

You forgive yourself and forgive others and choose your destiny...

You learn from the meditation. You set free the aggressors of your life and don’t let them hurt you again, because they don’t have any control over you. By the end, when you turn back and see all the obstacles you have overcome, the wrong and right decisions you have made, the people you have helped, the people who have helped you, the positive changes you have made in this world and in people, the people whose lives you have changed because of your smile and all the dreams you have accomplished, you realize that your happiness is in your journey and all you are accomplishing is only the fruit that you have created. Thankfully you return it to the world. This is choosing your destiny.

Today you are exercising like never before, you feel the burn in your muscles, and your heart is beating fast. Adrenaline courses through your body and you get excited because you know you are doing something to change your body into a more efficient, powerful machine. You meticulously choose the right foods, because you know your machine will perform only as well as the energy you are giving it.

cyber robot

Your brain, the computer that runs this machine, is the most powerful organ you have, and you know that. Therefore, you take care of it by programming it with positive thoughts and positive information and reset it every day by giving it some quiet time.

You make your day better because you decide that today is the day when all the bad habits no longer have space in your life...

You have decided to be independent of the destructive habits. Your stress relief is coming from all the good things that are positively contributing to your life now and later.

When you feel that you cannot take it anymore, think about all your achievements. Think about the seed that you are planting for your future. Remember that less than 1% of people achieve their goals, and you are part of the less than 1%. You are special. What can be done today, you are doing it. You have faith. Not an empty faith but a faith that is built in action, persistence, commitment, dedication, discipline and passion. You trust a Superior Power, not because you let him do everything for you, but because you know you are doing the right thing and This Power will support you.

Your destiny is up to you.


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