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What Is BPA?

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Heard of BPA dangers?...

Empty plastic bottles made with BPA

There are some gnarly toxins that can be found in our everyday life. Many of us realize that we live in a toxic environment and we do our very best to ensure that everything we do it taking a step towards avoiding toxins and bettering our health, right?

Wrong – many times we hear about certain things that are affecting our health negatively but we don’t believe it, don’t care, make excuses, or we are simply too lazy to make a change.

For example, the words “BPA-free” now appears on almost every plastic water bottle that we purchase. Some Tupperware is also BPA-free as well, but what about all the other plastic that we encounter in our food and beverage world? Take a look around. Everything you see is plastic. The Milk, juice, soda, WATER and almost every other beverage is either stored in plastic permanently or has been stored in plastic at one point or another. All of our dry goods such as cookies, condiments, meats, and even some bagged fruits and veggies.

Even if your fruits and veggies are not stored in plastic bags when they get to the store we pull a plastic bag off the roll and fill it with our precious energy source ourselves! It seems as though plastic cannot be avoided in this day and age and while that might be true to some extent, there are ways to reduce the amount of plastic you are exposed to and decrease the amount of harmful effects you can possibly experience from plastic exposure.

Brain illustration

So what is BPA...?

Yes, BPA is bad, so just remove the BPA and plastic is a safe means of food storage, correct? Wrong again. Yes, it is true that BPA can cause a number of starting health problems.

Such as:

  1. Structural damage to your brain

  2. Hyperactivity, increased aggressiveness, and impaired learning

  3. Increased fat formation and risk of obesity

  4. Changes in gender-specific behavior, and abnormal sexual behavior

  5. Early puberty, stimulation of mammary gland development, disrupted reproductive cycles, ovarian dysfunction

  6. Altered immune function

  7. Increased prostate size and decreased sperm production

It is very important that you learn about the consequences of BPA. However, removing the BPA does not solve the problem of plastic storage containers. Manufacturers still need additives that will make their product continue to be usable. Therefore, these products are still made of chemicals (perhaps even worse than BPA) that will leach into your food and water, which in turn is then ingested into your body continuing to cause health problems.

So what is the solution??!...

Glass container

Easy, STOP using all plastic container of any kind when possible. Use metal or glass. There is now a huge selection of metal and glass beverage and food containers available in almost every store.

This may same more expensive initially, but I can promise you that the difference it will make in your health years down the road will be totally worth it. Below are a few links to some affordable and SAFE storage containers.

Wishing you a happy and plastic free day!!


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