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Weight Loss Motivation: We Can Do This Together

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

I know because I am just like you...

Step ups

Yes, I know you are not feeling your weight loss motivation today. I know it’s difficult many times. I know you don’t want to run because you knee hurts, because you did not sleep and because your day was long. I know lifting that weight is difficult. The weight is heavy, and you keep telling yourself you can’t do it. I know today you are barely making it and you just woke up.

Your family is sick, and you are under stress. I know you had to do the impossible to be here and just exercise. I know your grandmother just died and you are grieving. I know you feel depressed and low in energy. I know you were raised with the belief that you can’t do things and you still believe that. I know you have problems, and I know you had a discussion with your husband, co-worker, mother and your boss. I know you are in your hormonal cycle. I know life is difficult.

I know losing the extra pounds is hard. This is the reason you hired me. This is the reason I am here listening to you and continuing to help you understand that, even with all the inconveniences you just mentioned, it’s still possible for you to run and lift the weight that you think is too heavy.

Just like you want to just walk and lift the lightest weight in the weight room, I want to stop this conversation and just tell you to do whatever you want. It is easier for me to do that. You think I should discuss your fitness level because I want to? Do you think I should motivate you to run because I want to? Do you think I should push you to lift the weight I know you can lift because I want to? It is simpler for me to just let you off easy, but then you won’t get

the results you are looking for.

I do this because I care...

I spend hours of my life talking to you about your eating habits: Because I want to waste my time or because I care? Do you think that when you get on the scale you are the only one who is frustrated? You hired me for a reason, and the reason is to help you achieve the goals or lose the weight you have not been able to do on your own. No wonder why. We can conclude now what is the reason. It is not the programs you have tried. It is the resistance you are putting into losing weight.

But like I mentioned, just like you want results and don’t want to get out of your comfort zone, I have the same challenge. Who said that helping people is going to be easy? Who said that being a life and

health coach is going to be easy? Who said that I don’t have resistance to fight just like you do? Who said that the results I want don’t require effort? If I want you to get results I have to give my best, learn more, persist more, understand you more, help you understand more and be by your side on the hard days, even though my family is sick, I did not sleep enough, my knee hurts, my grandmother died, I feel depressed, I had a fight with my lady, I had a long day, I had an argument with my team, I crashed my car, my dogs are injured, life is hard and I have no energy.


Your weight loss motivation depends on you not me...

I don’t want you to make things easy for me, but I do want you to understand that if you don’t get out of your comfort zone, you will never get there, and my job is not only being by your side when things are easy but also when things get ugly and help you understand how to get results. Whatever happens, just keep moving forward.

You may have noticed I am a human just like you, but I am not giving up, and I am running and lifting what I think is impossible today. I am fighting resistance, just like you. We are in the same boat together.

We are a team. You don’t give up, and I won’t either. Let’s run together, let’s lift this heavy weight together, let’s fight resistance together, let’s eat healthily together and let’s get to our goals together.

We are a team, and we can conquer our goals together. Let’s not let any obstacle stop us from achieving what we want.


Custom Body Fitness is located in Glenwood Springs CO and Carbondale CO

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