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Is That Person In The Mirror Really You?

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

I am actually laughing right in this moment. I have no idea how important is their hair for men, but I know is very important for woman. As a matter of fact, when I take care of my hair, some of my clients let me know how great it looks and this is because many times I usually don’t care about my hair.

Sandro Torres

Every morning when I am getting ready to work, I make sure I am using my uniform and it is clean. Another important part of my appearance is my face hair. I make sure is not too hairy and if I need to shave, I’ll do it. When I am finish my perception of me is that I look great, professional and attractive.

It is not after I have my morning assessments when I notice that my hair is a mess. I feel embarrassed. It is not a big deal I believe, but if I do notice it, everyone else can, even though I don’t notice it in the beginning.

When I was younger and I did not lift weights my perception of me was as a strong man. It was not until years later that I went through some pictures that I found that I was very skinny and weak.

I heard a story of a personal trainer who helps her new clients to find out how much extra weight they are carrying...

by asking them to lift some heavy dumbbells and walk around, seat and get up with them. When they notice how hard it is to do that, they usually start crying or they get surprised because they never thought it of that way and never noticed how much extra weight they carrying every day. The realization came after external intervention.

I have many clients that don’t recognize themselves in their before picture. They never though they let their bodies go so low. They usually think themselves as a different person. Sometimes, I have some clients who thought they were in shape until they try one of our sessions; they never thought themselves as out of shape person. They noticed that the person in the mirror is really themThen, they find out they are ready to change.

In this past article, I have explained how frogs are cooked...

If you through a frog in boiling water, the frog will jump as highest as possible to escape the heat. However, if you set the frog in room temperature water and slowly increase the heat the frog will boil to death. The reason is because frogs can adjust their blood temperature to the environment temperature.

Body transformation before and after

Interesting enough, we humans are just like frogs. We get adjusted to our environment; this is the reason why many people can’t believe when a woman is being abused by her husband. The husband begins by raising his voice, next comes insults, next a small push, next a harder push, next a slap, next a punch and when she noticed, she is getting beat and she needs help. All this happens slowly.

We can’t believe what is happening in others lives because we can see it from other prospector. We can see the frog getting cook, the woman getting abuse and the person gaining weight. They can’t feeling it because they are getting accustomed to it without even taking the time to think what is happening. Of course, I don’t think the frog has the potential to seat and meditate its life, but we do.

I am not free of sin, this is the reason why I love criticism...

I never take it wrong and I love when people find my mistakes and I constantly ask what can I improve because I know I am blind to my own pot of hot water.

Of course, the frog does not want to be cook to death, the married woman does not want to be beat up and the overweight person does not want to gain weight. All this happens on a subconsciously level.

I don’t know about you, but I have been there many times, when people abused me, when I am the result of our environment, when I am in danger and don’t even noticed it. What has helped me many times is to sit and contemplate my life and take capable people’s criticism in a positive way.

Woman meditating

I don’t want to be overweight, sick, abused, kill slowly, manipulate or anything that will contribute negatively to my life. I want o succeed, be free, enjoy a good health and body, help, and live the life I want. If you want to do the same I recommend to set some time aside and for 1 hour study your past, present and future and find out if where you were, are and will be is plan of your plan.

Is that person in the mirror you...?

Doing this will help you free yourself from the environment that is taking your life slowly just like the nice warming up water is taking the frog’s life. Remember, taking responsibly of your actions will set you free.


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