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You Are Taking The Right Steps for Weight Loss

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Mary has been trying to lose weight for more than 20 years...

As it is with many people, Mary is not taking the right steps for weight loss; she loses weight and then regains it. Mary has tried many diets, exercises fads, products and therapies for weight loss. What is Mary doing right and what she can improve? She looked at her past, and she noticed that the best and easiest time to lose weight out of the past 20 years was when she lived in a “special place” where …

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She made meals from scratch using fresh, whole, organically grown foods.

She was active by walking and exercising. She had no negative stress because she had the time to meditate and visit calm places.

She ate because she was hungry and at the right time because the family ate at set times. She got enough sleep. She used no medications or any other products that contribute to weight gain. shShe was patient and never focused on the scale. She was just living life.

Many people try new things, get disappointed and become afraid because they think there is no solution for their weight gain. Their trust has become broken, and their faith is shattered.

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This is one reason they stop trying and go back to precontemplation stage, passing many years before they try again or even dying with their bizarre belief. They get tired of trying anything that promises fast and easy results.

After Mary moved away from her “special place,” she started gaining weight again. She tried to lose it by trying all the new “’things” or “magic” products, but she started to gain more and more weight.

Mary was afraid...

and she no longer believed she could lose weight and keep it off. After our third assessment and a lot of meditation, she noticed that she was able to lose weight; she was enjoying her life and replacing her bad habits with ones she was practicing when she was in her “special place.” She started to believe again, and her fear went away. In other words, she focused on the habits she practiced when she was seeing her best results.


When we are afraid we lose faith, and after that we lose our motivation. Trust is the key: Trust yourself and trust the process. When you start trusting and just living life by practicing all the good habits, magic happens. There are no shortcuts to follow.

The right steps for weight loss...

It is so important to remember the key that it is worth elaborating on: Live your life by practicing the right behaviors, trust the process and be patient.

Mary had the knowledge to lose weight, but she never took the time to think about the process until she started to meditate. This is why she hired me to help her lose the extra pounds. After three months, Mary lost 20 pounds, and she started to trust again. Consequently, she started getting the results she has been looking for over the past 20 years.


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