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The Struggles of Committing for Weight Loss

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

I’m amazed by people who get astonishing results when I assess them. I usually ask myself what is the difference between the people who get results and the ones who struggle. Family responsibilities, work, knowledge, support, money? Even though all of these are contributing factors, one thing sets apart those who get results from those who struggle.

I have clients who work, have more than one child and the support is not ideal. They are some of my best members and lose pounds every week.

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I think is the answer. When people really want something, they make it happen. I have no doubt about this. Many of my clients have shown me that they are capable of doing more than I think they can.

Many people think that those who lose weight have it easy. They may not understand that they needed to make time and not wait until they have time. Nobody has time. They cut television time and ask their husbands to help them with their children. They wake up earlier to cook. They plan their day and find ways to attend their sessions. They continue learning and focus on the healthy things they can do. They improve their eating every week and their strength in training sessions. Weight loss becomes part of their life in a healthy way — not an obsession but a lifestyle.

Do these people have no problems: no bills to pay, family issues, car issues, work issues, healthy issue or other worries? They are just as human as we are. They have problems just like anybody else. This is what really amazed me — the persistence they have, and there is nothing that can stop them.

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They make no Excuses....

If people had no worries it would be easy to lose weight and to have a nice body because there would be no interventions in their program. Everyone could do it. The reality is that no one has no problems, including those who get what they want.

Believe me, I’m aware that life is difficult. I live it myself, and when things get in the way, I find ways to continue persevering toward my goals. Just like my clients, I give away many things that many won’t give way.

Life is always changing, committing for weight loss should not be an issue....

Sometimes things are just perfect (up), sometimes they’re crazy (down), that is life. In those down times is when growth happens, when amazing things take place. When only the strong keeps moving ahead.

When things get out of control and are not coming the way we planned, that it is the time when we want to be strong.

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Anybody can be positive and smile when life is easy, when everything is normal, when there are no problems, when our family is just fine. However, in the hard moments is when we need to be strong, smile, stay positive, find the good in everything and continue persevering toward our goals. This is what sets my clients (and you) apart from the rest who don’t get results when life gets crazy. This is what speaks highly of you! Commit for weight loss today.


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