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The Right Exercise for Body Toning

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

One of the most important activities for astronauts is exercise. People on the moon lost their strength — and therefore their muscle — in days. That’s because of the lack of gravity. Astronauts have difficulty walking on earth after a trip to the moon, according to NASA. After a couple of days the astronauts readjust to the earth’s gravity, and they start walking normally again. This is why exercise is very important. If you think about it, the body needs to develop a level of muscle to be able to survive on earth. I want you to think about this when you want to grow muscle to tone your body.

woman holding jump rope

You’ve Probably Seen Commercials...

featuring girls with very nice, toned bodies doing aerobics with 3-pound dumbbells. Of course, we all want the easy way to get results. Usually if the commercial is trying to sell an exercise program, it is not going to advertise it as hard work. If you really looked into the routine of those toned girls you’d find that it’s nothing like the 3-pound-weight commercial.

Many people are not looking for weight loss. They are really looking for a nice body. They try everything — even exercise — and it seems they can’t get it. Many people who lose weight will still have flabby areas; that’s because they still have fat to get rid of, and without having much muscle, they look flabby.

So the reality is that as we age we all lose muscle even if we don’t want to, we eat healthily and we take basic care of our bodies. There is no way someone can tone his body without building muscle. Exercise in general will not lead to a toned body. Any exercise can help you lose weight, but toning your body requires more. It requires weight lifting and periodization.

Just as the body on the moon gets accustomed to the resistance on the moon — hence the loss of muscle mass — the body will adjust to any new resistance anywhere. The body transforms itself when subjected to new resistance. In other words, if the resistance is low, the body becomes weak, loses muscle and adapts to the need of that specific resistance. If the resistance is high, the body becomes stronger, gains muscle and adapts to the need of that specific resistance.

The right exercise for body toning...

if you want to tone your body, you must build muscle. Muscle is hard, and fat is flabby. To grow muscle you must challenge your body to a higher resistance. Our members do this and are very happy with their results; they have strong, toned bodies and are getting rid of the undesired fat. The secret is very simple: Increase your weight lifting by following periodization.

For example, if you are squatting 20 pounds, you must go to 30 pounds when your body allows you and so on. When you are a beginner your progress is measured in weeks. Nevertheless, the stronger you become the longer it takes to go to the next level. It may take you months to advance after 6 months of constant training.

woman showing her back

Now, If You Were Squatting 20 pounds and go to 30 pounds and then to 40 pounds, you have gained enough muscle to lift 40 pounds, and your body has responded to the new resistance. What happens if you decide to go back to 20 pounds or 10 pounds because you’re tired and don’t feel like doing it? Of course, your body readjusts to the new resistance and you lose all you have gained. This is why people who only exercise without following a plan or without knowing how to use periodization never can tone their bodies.

man doing push up with one arm

the key to having a nice toned body is discipline, and many can’t do it...

If you’re looking for weight loss, any exercise will suffice when coupled with the right eating habits. If you are looking to tone your body then you need to lift weights using periodization. And don’t be afraid of gaining big muscles. That is not true. It is a myth. I have trained lots of women who have toned their body by lifting heavy weights, and they have the most amazing toned bodies without having big muscles. There is no science that shows the development of big muscles in women unless they’re taking some kind of drug.

If you have being trying everything to tone your body, even exercise, and can’t seem to do it, try something new that works. I promise that if you follow these recommendations for at least 6 months you will find yourself seeing a toned body in the mirror. You will not regret it. Find the right exercise for body toning by following this advice.


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