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Take Control Over Your Goals

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

No long ago I traveled to Machu Picchu. I was amazed not only by the ruins but by where they were built. The place has a divine feeling. It is impossible for me to put the feeling and experience into words.

Machu Picchu

While there, I also learned how the Incas had a system. Many people, like me, don’t take the time to think about how the ruins were built and the time and effort required. When we think about all the empires and ruins all over the world, we often don’t think about the years it took to build them. It was not an overnight construction or even a couple-of-months project.

Not only did it take time but it required discipline, a plan, structured systems among other things...

The king or leader needed to have control over every single detail to make any of this happen. Of course, just like the present, there are systems they used to control the outcome of their empires.

I could not stop thinking about how many of us want a successful life and to be happy and achieve our dreams — such as losing weight — without even thinking about a process and not taking the time to be disciplined. For example, we think that by taking hormones (or using pomade, or massage treatment, or taking pills, or getting a surgery done) we are going to have a nice body and lose weight.

Many times we put in the effort for one month and get discouraged because we are not where we want to be in a short period of time...

Can you imagine creating an empire in a month by just sitting on the couch contemplating the clouds; or sitting in front of your computer waiting for your multithousand-dollar check without putting in any effort; or having a nice, toned body by getting a massage every day? Everyone by now would have created their empire, be a millionaire and have a nice body.

coworker  introduction

This is exactly why many of us continue unhappily trying to achieve our dreams. We want things easy and fast. Therefore, we don’t put in the effort, and we get desperate when we don’t see the results.

I became overwhelmed by all my goals and dreams. I started to think about how far I have gotten, but that is nothing compared to how far I wanted to get. It made me think that I needed to be more disciplined about what I do and create a better system and know more and hire the right people to continue improving others’ lives.

I bet everything started with a dream or an idea...

Then that person started to plan and took action. Then he needed to make decisions throughout the process. This is how an empire was created. Nothing happened by accident. We read stories or watch documentaries, and because it takes us only a couple of hours to read or watch a documentary, we can’t really perceive all the years invested in an empire. We have not lived the time and effort invested.

Every decision you make will bring you consequences in the future. People who are successful did not become successful overnight even though it appears that way, just how we perceive an empire when we read or watch a documentary. We have not lived their lives or put in the effort and time like they did.

Successful people have shown us the traits to achieve that same success, but we opt to ignore them...

Now think about your life and see where you are going. If you continue making the same decisions you are making right now, where would you be in 30 years? Is your life looking better? Are you overweight? Are you broke? Are you ill? Are you working in a place you don’t like to work? Are you ignorant? Did you waste time and are you regretting the decisions you made? Take control over your goals.

Rhinoceros Success book cover

Or are you financially free? Healthy with a nice body? Are you practicing your desired career? Are you enjoying every moment with your progress?

Where will you be in 30 years? If you save $5 a day for a year you get $1,825; over 30 years you end up with $54,750. And if you invest that money, it may double by then depending on your investment. But if you do the opposite, you probably will be in debt. The same happens with your food choices. If you have a couple of drinks and eat junk food for dinner every night, where do you think you will be in 30 years — overweight and maybe in the hospital?

The more disciplined and organized you are towards your goals, the more likely you will achieve them...

Every decision, every hour and every day counts when building your empire. Your body is an empire, your family is an empire, your finances are an empire, your connection with God is an empire, your profession is an empire. If you want to be successful in these areas, think about each decision you make every day.

Each decision brings a consequence, and leaders know this. This is why they are able to create empires. This is how you make your life better. This is how you become successful. Everything keeps adding up, and this is what appears to be overnight. Albert Einstein said, “Compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world.” Not only your money compounds with interest when you invest it, but your actions and habits compound over time as well.

Take control over your goals...

If you think about it when you see a friend whom you have not seen in a while and see the change in his or her body, you see the change but you don’t see the effort and time he or she has put in. Also, when you see a financially successful person enjoying his or her life you only see the success, you have not seen the effort and time the person has invested.

So to create an empire it is not enough to wish or dream. It is important to plan, follow systems, discipline oneself and be careful with every single action we take in every moment. These choices will compound overnight either you want to or not.


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