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6 Tips to See Results In Your Exercise Program

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

There are different points that need to be fulfilled in an exercise program to reach your fitness goals.

Attending an exercise program is the first step...

However, it is not all it takes. You could compare this to attending a lecture class and not paying attention to the teacher. Nothing good will come of just showing up. There should be a sense of concentration, taking notes, reading, participating, actively asking questions, etc. The same goes with exercise, engaging our muscles and our minds. Here are six tips that you should follow if you want to see results:

Here are the 6 tips to see results in your exercise program...

Exercise program

1. Be in discomfort:

Any well designed program made to give results should not keep you in a conform zone. You should feel some sense of challenge all the time. If you don’t feel any challenge, the body is accustomed and will not change to meet the demand. Therefore, you will not see results.

2. Don’t go backwards:

Exercise Program

Many people think because they pushed last week, they don’t need to push in the present. Remember that the body becomes accustomed to the resistance given. In other words, if instead of increasing your weight lifting from 15s pounder dumbbells to 20s and go down to 12s, or if you run less or slower than most times, the body will get used to the new resistance. This means that either you get more toned and lose weight by increasing your weight lifting or running distance, or you get gain fat and lose muscle by decreasing your weight lifting or running distance.

3. Have a “progression” mentality:

Think “what can I do better today?” Some examples could be, increase your weight lifting, increase your intensity of the exercise, try to do your entire program in less time, add other exercises and so on.

4. Live the moment:

Concentrate in your exercise and forget about everything else. This is your time to get in shape. Everything else will have its own time.

Exercise program

5. Find people who are more motivated than you:

People who do what it takes to get results usually motivate us, both by personal encouragement and by inspiring us. These people will help you get to your goal.

6. Enjoy the exercise:

Exercise should be challenging, but you must have in your mind that you love it. If you think the opposite of it, you will drain all your energy and you will not get results.

Take these 6 tips to see results in your exercise program into consideration and get results. My goal is to give you tools to continue your fitness journal. Exercise is a need to stay and live healthy. I think we all want do it right, enjoy it and get the most out of it. Don’t waste your time and start this week!


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