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Quickest Way to Lose Weight

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

When I started to exercise, I wanted to know the quickest way to lose weight, gain muscle and be in shape. I remember making a bet with a bodybuilder. I told him that I would have a similar body in three months. He laughed. Now, I understand why.

When I was younger and worked as a busboy, laborer and dishwasher, I wanted to be the boss of the company where I was working...

I saw nothing special in my managers. While it’s true there is not necessarily anything special about a person who has a higher position at work, it is also true they need to know more and have more responsibilities than those who have a lower position.

Chef showing dish

I used to focus only on results and never took into consideration the hard work, experience and sacrifice a good boss has been through. I thought the same about the bodybuilder who won the bet.

Now I understand why some companies and people succeed and others don’t. You can think about all those businesses that open and fold in less than a year, or those businesses that are struggling to make it every year, and those businesses that have become part of history, like Apple.

My bosses were in a higher position because they had become that person, the boss. As a dishwasher or busboy I was not the right person to be the boss. I needed to become the right person.

We have what we have and are who we are because of the person we have become...

For example, I have a friend I see running on the trail every time I take my walk. He runs at least 5 miles every time, and he has been doing this for many years. He is also vegetarian. He is a very skinny guy. He has developed a body according to the person he has become: a runner and vegetarian.

This applies to anybody. Michael Jordan, for example, was a sports celebrity and amazing athlete because of the habits he developed to become the best. The same applies in reverse. If someone is overweight it’s probably because of the habits that person has developed, such as eating poorly and living a sedentary lifestyle.

Let’s say there is a pill that will cause people to gain 50 pounds of fat...

If my friend the runner took the pill, he would lose that extra 50 pounds quickly because he has become the right person to lose that weight, a runner and vegetarian. On the other hand, if there were a pill that helps an obese person to lose 100 pounds, he would regain the weight back in a couple of years because he is that person.

Man running

Someone said that if you could take all the money from the rich and distribute it evenly among the poor, the rich would soon have the money back. The rich are rich because they have developed the right habits to be rich, and the poor are poor because their habits are the opposite.

Losing weight has never been the problem for many people once they have the motivation to do it. The problem is maintaining their ideal body weight. In other words, the problem for many people is becoming the right person for their ideal body weight.

In the past I was in debt with my brother, my landlord and my credit card, I ate junk food, I had no basic knowledge of life.

I could not help anyone change their life for the better…

I was a complete loser. The truth is that I was that person. I am in a different place now, but it is not luck. I became this person now that has no debt, helps people change their lives for the better, created 2 businesses, wrote a book and is ready to publish the second one, helps animals and continues progressing.

Many people told me when I was in my early 20s that when I turned 30 I would be fat and in pain...

Not to be too cocky, but I hit that milestone and I am in the best shape of my life. The truth is that I have achieved nothing compared to many other people. I am still a person in progress. Nevertheless, my point is that I have become a different person now than who I used to be. However, I still have a long road. Therefore, I need to become a better person.

Here is my point. If you’re struggling to lose weight, maintain an ideal body weight, tone your body, or simply be in shape, it’s because you have not become the right person yet. Think about what could help you become the right person. Ask questions like, what are my eating habits? What is my exercise routine? Is my health a priority? What excuses do I have not to exercise or eat healthily? Is my program the right program to tone my body? Do I need to get out of my comfort zone? Do I make time for my exercise and my food prep? Am I eating the right foods for weight loss? What I am drinking or eating that is making me gain weight? What habits do I need to change? Who is a model to follow who has become the right person for weight loss? How can I become the right person for my weight loss?

You can take a pill, do surgery, undergo hormone therapy or try a quickest way to lose weigh, but you will always regain the weight you lost if you have not become the right person yet...


My recommendation is to focus on real results and become the right person. If my boss would have told me, “Here take my position and run the business,” it would have gone bankrupt because I was not the right person. If someone decided to give me a Ferrari right now I would lose the car because I have not become the right person. Even though I would have the car, I need the right income to maintain the car. I will be the right person for a Ferrari when I make the right income and I can maintain it, but not now. I am not there yet.

Weight loss is the same way...

No pill or surgery or treatment will make you the right person for weight loss, but you have the power to change and become the right person. Study the right habits, take action, practice, make mistakes and do it again, and you will become the right person. Once you learn and have the mental strength to keep your new good habits, you have become the right person for your ideal body.


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