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Positive Energy

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

I’ve read that no matter what we do we expend energy. If you decide to exercise you will expend energy. If you decide not to exercise you will expend energy. The difference is that when you exercise you expend energy in the moment. When you do not exercise you will expend energy just keeping up with your body’s aging. So you either expend energy by rejuvenating your body or by keeping up with aging. No matter what, energy will be expended.


Positive energy...

Last week was the anniversary of one of my best friend’s father’s death, and now she is facing the loss of another close relative. I reminded her how strong she is and how she has handled so many difficulties in her life. She told me that the more she suffers, the stronger she becomes, and that she is doing her best to live her life to the fullest by living every day as if it was her last.

My brother had a car accident last week...

The car he was driving was destroyed because it hit both the median and the guardrail on the highway a couple of times. He walked away with only a few scratches and hopefully a lesson learned. Many of us have our eyes open to the truth. No one can escape death. We all have the same destiny. The real question is, how are you living your life while you are here? We can complain about life, about everything we do or about the things we don’t like to do. We can complain when things go wrong. However, what good is that going to do? The only thing we are causing is increased pain and stress on ourselves. Plus, we are expending energy moving in the wrong direction.

crashed car

Complaining is not going to get you anywhere...

Things are not going to change just because you are complaining. You can change your life by using energy to move in the right direction. You can’t deny that the people you love, the moments that you have, your health, and even your life do not belong to you. You can lose everything overnight. So why waste your precious life complaining?

long hair woman on green house

Instead, why not live a life of transcendence? As I mentioned, we expend energy anyway. Why not expend energy on living to the fullest? Dream, set goals, help others, give and do your best, love everyone, and stop complaining and start appreciating life by taking action. Last year when my both dogs had surgery, I did not complain about the situation. I took action and did what I could to save their lives. When I arrived to my brother’s accident scene, I helped him, and now I smile and laugh about it.

He is alive!...

Of course I don’t make light of the situation, and I think about what I could have done to improve my response or what he could have done to avoid this accident and what we can do differently in case it happens again. However, I continue putting positive energy in the right direction and live my life to the fullest just like my friend does. There will be always thing to complain


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