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Avoid Getting Old. How to Stay Young

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

My job as a professional trainer is not only to design programs, improve eating habits and count repetitions.

Part of my job and the greatest challenge of my profession is to find out what will drive people to reach their goals...

Passionate fan

Let’s put it this way, if everyone had the same excitement that they have about the Broncos going to the super bowl about their health, everyone would be healthy. However, the Super Bowl is fun, exercise and eating healthy for many is not and it requires some effort.

My goal in every meeting is to find out how and why your health is important. Your intensity of exercise and the time you put into eating healthy will vary depending on the importance of your goal. Once you understand how important health is, how it contributes to your happiness, and how to maintain it, the rest becomes less difficult.

Goals are different for a person who is 20 years of age compared to someone who is in their 50s. While many of us exercise because we want to look great, the older we get the more we understand the importance of exercise in our lives. Many middle-aged people exercise because they want to avoid injuries, avoid aches, build strength and control a disease. What motivates this age group may be reasons like, staying healthy and strong for their significant other, to enjoy their grandchildren or simply they want to enjoy life to the fullest.

Elderly men swimming

As many of you know, there are many levels of exercise. Chewing your food could be considered an exercise. For many walking and yoga are exercises. Others, need to run, hike, or swim to get adequate exercise and some need weight lifting. While all are exercises, all have different levels of difficulty and work difference systems in our bodies. Depending on your goal, there is an appropriate exercise you should practice.

The truth is that we are all getting old unless you know how to stay young...

That is the beauty of life. The only way to stay young is by knowing how to cope with stress, eat healthy, exercise and be happy. We lose muscle mass, stroke volume, flexibility, and bone density everyday as we age and the older we are the faster we lose all these. However, exercise does decrease the loss of all these nutrients in our body by adding it as we are losing it.

Personal trainer helping elderly man

The questions are, what is more painful, exercising or getting old fast? Not being able to enjoy life or putting a little more effort into our health? Becoming dependent on someone (relying on the mercy of others) or exercise? I can’t answer these questions for you. I know what I want.

If you are reading this article it means that you care about your health...

You might already doing something to improve your health or you are thinking about doing something positive to improve your health. You may have enough knowledge to do it on your own or you may need guidance. Maybe you are doing something, what I call imperfect action. The point is to take action.


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