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What Foods to Avoid for Weight Loss

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

Many people are looking for the right diet or the right diet food...

I never recommend people to diet because diets are only for a short period of time, they have many negative effects and they only help you lose weight for that same short period that you are dieting. Therefore, it is better to understand what foods to eat or not to eat to make a lifestyle change and see long lasting weight loss results.


Let me start by pointing out that many people do base their weight loss counting calories and they fail to take into consideration what they are eating which is far more important.

Counting Calories is not important...

In fact, calorie counting is the last thing people should focus on. Calories from refined sugar are not the same as calories from vegetables, even when it’s the same amount of calories. Also, calories from ultra processed foods are not the same as calories from whole foods. Or calories from foods treated with pesticides or hormones are not the same as calories from organic foods. It’s like comparing the calories of eating petroleum versus eating an apple; both have calories, but one will do harm.

Chemicals are making you fat not calories...

According to Suzanne Somers, bestselling author, all the chemicals that are in today’s foods will keep you fat even though you exercise and “eat healthy.” She explains how the scam of low-fat foods are making people fatter and less healthy. Obesity rates and other diseases are increasing even though people are following the low-fat food approach. As an example, Suzanne points out that people are eating margarine that’s full of chemicals instead of real butter.

Research has been done that shows that chemicals in foods keep people fat because the liver is the organ in charge of many chemical reactions that affect the body’s metabolism. If the liver is not working properly due to harmful chemicals, chances are that the metabolic rate will decrease.

You are not safe by only eating vegetables...

Tox Sick book cover

Suzanne explains that vegetables and fruits are often sprayed with organophosphates, and studies have shown that children who live in homes where organophosphate pesticides are used have a higher rate of brain tumors (I know this does not have to do directly with weight loss, but I thought you should know). The higher the pesticide levels in the blood, the less the body burns calories while sleeping. Pesticides mess with insulin, and this may be one of the reasons why people can’t lose weight despite calorie counting.

Check for chemicals not calories to find foods to avoid for weight loss...

Before checking the calories of your foods, check where it comes from and what chemicals it has. This is way more important than calories. When you buy whole organic foods, you can focus on eating the right amount of foods (calorie counting). So next time you choose foods from the supermarket, think about it, read the label if you need to, but don’t see the calories before you find the chemicals this is how you find foods to avoid for weight loss. Your best option is to go to the whole foods area and find real foods.


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