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Does Dieting Works? This Is What Happens When Diet

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Diets are popular...

Junk Food

A close friend, coworker, family member, teacher, and the neighbor are all dieting. They lose 5, 10, 25 pounds at a rapid pace and find themselves 4 months later weighing more than they did before their diet. The question is, why? Dieting creates an illusion in these people when they see the numbers on the scale go down even though in reality they aren’t losing body fat and are only setting themselves up for failure. New research shows that weight fluctuation and repeated dieting is a contributor to heart diseases, obesity, inadequate nutrition, fatigue, weakness, and gallstone. In addition, dieting creates negative psychological effects including weight obsession, poor self-image, disordered eating patterns, disordered lifestyle, and an increased sense of failure.

People who have been dieting are likely to be out of tune with their body...


and its signals of hunger and fullness. Nutrition Dimension, The World’s Leading Nutrition Education, claims, “People on diets do not have normal, healthy relationship with food and are, therefore, destined to fail in their quest to lose weight; and, will in fact, likely gain more in the long term.” Self-control is what many people look for when dieting. They want to be able to say no to certain foods that dieting prohibits all while their body craves such foods with the nutrients it needs to survive. Doctor Phil author of The Ultimate Weight Lose Solution recommends to find other ways to cope with food, such as to avoid places were trouble foods are going to be.

Many diets restrict essential nutrients such as carbohydrates...

Cookies on plate

People have developed a negative relationship with carbohydrates due to this publicity of dieting. According to Linda Omichinski, a registered dietitian, “Dieters are not accustomed to eating carbohydrates. They are not aware that by taking more protein sources and cutting back on carbohydrates, such as bread and pasta, they are actually setting themselves up to crave carbohydrates from other sources, such as cake and cookies.” The lack of carbohydrates in the body causes the person to crave sweets as a quick resource of fuel which end up contributing negatively to the person’s weight since they over eat calories with these sweets, such as cookies. If people ate the required carbohydrates, their body would crave fewer sweets. Carbohydrates are energy the body uses in everyday basics. Energy that is essential in high intensity exercises. Does dieting works?

Changing your eating habits is the key to success...

It is not about restricting foods, it’s about learning the consequences of the food you are eating, and about processed food. Cook at home, don’t eat at fast food restaurant out of convenience. Eat all your 3 meals and snacks for skipping meals will lead you to overeat or eat the wrong foods. Buy real food, buy organic, and no hormones or pesticides that contribute negatively to your health. Plan your day; don’t let hunger catch you off guard. You will pick at whatever food is in front of you when you are hungry. Learning about what foods your body likes will make you feel more energetic, clear minded, and will help you lose weight. Over all, enjoy your food, and don’t be at war with the products that make you healthy.

Does dieting works?

Changing your eating habits is what ultimately will lead you to weight loss and a healthier life: dieting is temporary and only causes permanent physical and psychological harm.


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