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A Story About Weight Loss

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

I know you want to get in shape or lose weight to contribute to your happiness, I want to share this story:

Here is a story about weight loss...

Mary and Brittany are very good friends. They have been friends since middle school. They used to talk about silly stuff, and they played the same games. They share confidential information about each other, and they trust each other. As they grew up, they both liked to party, drink, go out to eat and do all the things that most friends do when they are in their 20s until Mary had an epiphany.

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Mary was not happy with her life. She knew something was missing. Even though she partied a lot, ate what she wanted, had a good boyfriend and a good job, she was missing something. She just didn’t know what. Nevertheless, one day, life gave her an answer. At the age of 30, Mary remembered the death of her brother, Brian.

Brian was 10 years older than Mary. He was addicted to prescription drugs, and he died of an overdose.

At the same time Mary noticed that she and Brittany had been overweight as long as she could remember and were getting sick often. They also noticed how much more successful their peers were than they were: One had a successful business, and another was the CEO of a well-known company. Mary remembered that she started to drink more often after her brother’s death. She was covering her pain by ignoring the loss of Brian.

That morning when she was walking alone on the recommendation of a friend, she was thinking about many doubts she had...

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Finally, she concluded that she was not happy with her life because she was not living to the fullest. She was wasting her life by living a useless life.

Since then, Mary has wanted to be useful and help other people who are as unable to see the light as she was. Therefore, she tried to help Brittany, but Brittany rejected Mary’s help. Mary changed her life when she stopped drinking, partying and meeting with old friends and she started to exercise, study, save money and help other people in nonprofit organizations where she felt she was useful.

She would spend the majority of her time either reading, meditating, exercising or helping others. The rest of the time she slept. Brittany did not want to stay out of the game. However, instead of stepping up and doing something for herself, she thought it was easier to discourage Mary instead of getting out of her comfort zone. Brittany advised Mary to stop wasting her time exercising because her weight was genetic. Reading was less entertaining than watching TV, and eating out with her was more fun. Also, Brittany mentioned that people are not welcoming the help she provides. “You are wasting your life away,” were Brittany last words until they met again years later.

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Mary understood that Brittany did not see things the way she did and therefore, she wouldn’t understand her epiphany.

After trying, Mary decided to let Brittany live her life. That phase of their friendship was over. Mary loves Brittany and wants Brittany to be happy, and Brittany loves Mary, but Brittany unconsciously just wants to tie Mary to her destructive life. Ten years have passed since the best friends last saw each other. Mary has a wonderful family that she loves with a husband and a son named James. James is 4 years old.

After her life changed, she focused so much on her progression that she became the CEO of the nonprofit where she was volunteering. She met her husband, John, there. John was doing a capacitation seminar at the nonprofit when they met.

Mary had her weight under control, and she was in the best shape of her whole life. She learned how to be successful in all areas of her life. Therefore, she has no debt, and she has some investments that are profitable. It seems like life was rewarding her for all the good actions she had taken. In the other hand.

Brittany has divorced twice, is still overweight and is not happy with her life.

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After her last divorce, she remembered Mary and managed to get her contact information. Brittany was bright enough to call her. Brittany was very happy to talk to her old friend. She meticulously listened and understood what Mary tried to tell her 10 years ago. Now Brittany was ready to learn and change her life. Brittany has another opportunity to be happy on the right path. The a story about weight loss does not end here.

I know you love your friends, if you have chosen the right path and your old friends reject you, let them be. Someday they will understand your decisions. There is no other way to find happiness than work for it and acquire good habits. Good habits pay off and bad habits will destroy you. The soonest you start living your purpose and stop living just because of it, the soonest you will be finding your happiness. Don’t’ ignore the advice from a true friend who cares about you.


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