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An Easy Way to Lose Weight

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Many people want results the so-called easy way...

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They buy pills or “exercise belts,” follow promising fad diets, get into hormone programs or other outfits that promise the moon with no effort from the person. While many of these ways to lose weight come with negative side effects, they may help you lose weight but in unhealthy ways: You lose muscle mass, carbohydrates, and water, while leaving your body with same fat and actually slowing down your metabolism.

The effective approach to weight loss is not a magic pill or fad diet plan but a change in lifestyle...

And guess what? A lifestyle change takes commitment and persistence. Persistence is a virtue that can be developed, just like patience. You may have other virtues, but if you don’t have persistence, you won’t succeed in much, let alone a weight loss program.

Thomas Edison was asked once how it feels to fail 1,000 times. And Edison replied, “I didn’t fail 10,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 10,000 steps.” Edison lived persistence. If he had given up at the first, second, third, or fourth attempt, he never would have invented the light bulb. So for you: You’ll get results in your weight loss program only if you are committed, give what it takes and, more important, are persistence.

Develop your persistence virtue by making sure you want it, not others...

Avoid procrastination leaving everything for later is a weakness. Look for real knowledge. Put your common sense to work. Make definite and organized plans. Face your mistakes. Blaming others for your mistakes or your situation is a sign of not facing your own shortcomings. This is an easy way to lose weight.

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Don’t give in to your body’s desires that may sabotage your weight loss program...

Instead, trust and follow your spirit to your goals. Considering giving up to your weight loss program will probably make you fail and not persist. Instead of only wanting, act.

An easy way to lose weight...

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: avoid looking for shortcuts instead of doing what it takes for you to get the body and health you want. Face the difficulties; they are part of your success.

Your possibilities to success are higher if you are persistence.


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