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Looking for A Life Changing Event?

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Back in the past I used to believe that my life magically will change by an event...

either winning the lottery or find a job that will pay more because of it. I was not sure what the event was, but I was hoping that the event would happen soon. I wanted to have a better life and I left it to destiny.

Las Vegas Sign

I wanted a quick fix for my mediocre life. I did not know that the reason why my life was mediocre was because I was mediocre. I thought that my destiny was already made and I had no control.

Many of us have this mentality and we want life to be better when we don’t better ourselves... Losing weight for example has become such a millionaire industry. There are lotions, belts, easy exercise programs, diets, supplements, surgeries, hormones, therapy, pills, earrings and many other things. One of the publicity slogans says “Give the customers what they looking for.” Therefore, we find what the customer is looking for “fast and easy” even though it does not work nor is sustainable.

Just like many of us want to win the lottery thinking that this will get us out of misery...

Mike Tison

many other want a fast and easy way to lose weight. Yes, many win the lottery and others do lose weight fast, but soon we find these people poor and gaining the weight back or even more weight.

After 28 years of mediocre life, finally the event that it needed to happen happened, but it was not what I had planned. However, what I learned was more important than winning the lottery. I learned that if I wanted an above average life I needed to become above average person. If I would have won the lottery, I would end up just like Mike Tyson.

Mike Tyson made more than one quarter of a billion and he ended up poor. How he can spend so much money? Simple, just like the person who loses the weight by surgery or any promising therapy and regains back in months or a couple of years, Mike Tyson did not become above average in his life. He did not develop the habits to maintain what he made.

The lesson I learned is very simple:

Sandro lifting weights

If I want a better life, body, family, business, career, financial status or mind I need to become better than who I am right now. Hence, if you are looking to lose weight or be financially free or have better job, you must work on yourself. One of the things does not seem to work is looking for an extraordinary body, job or life without become extraordinary. I was frustrated for many years doing that until I decided to work on myself.

The best investment in life you can make is in yourself. This sentence is so powerful that is worth repeating, the best investment in life you can make is in yourself. So if you are ready to have a better body, career or life, start working on yourself step by step. Find out what you need to work on to get what you need or want and what are the habits you need to sustain such body, career and overall life.

There is no better life changing event than that one you are willing to make.


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