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6 Strategies to Follow to Stay Focused in the Gym

So that you can reap the benefits of your exercise routine and not waste your time, it is important that you focus. If you are not focused, you waste time, you may not finish your routine, you do not challenge your body to become toned and in the end you waste your day at the gym.

One of the requirements at Custom Body Fitness for trainers is to keep our members focused in the gym. It is very important to keep our members focused on their routine so that they are optimal with their time, energy and effort. With this it is much easier to have results than if they were distracted.

So today I'm going to share with you some tips that we use to help you stay focused on your exercise routine.


Set a start and end time...

Don't go into your routine thinking you have all the time. Nor do you go when you feel like it. Put your routine on your calendar, what time you will start and what time you will finish. Be realistic with your time.

Design your routine before you start…

I recommend that you have a routine designed for a year or at least a month or even just for a week. Don't go exercising without a routine. With a routine, you know where to start, you follow a plan and you know when it's over. Obviously the routine has to be well designed and purposeful for your goals for that year, month or week.

Stop thinking about it so much and start warming up...


I know we are afraid of exercise and at the same time we are also lazy. That is normal. Remember that the more you think about it, the less likely you are to do it. The more you think about it, the more fear and laziness sets in. The only way to cure fear is to take action. Get straight to doing your warm-up, following your routine and lifting weights.

Don't be a slave to your phone...

Your phone is not part of you. Social networks, your loved ones, your friends, whoever can wait an hour while you finish your exercise. Your phone only steals your time and distracts you. If you want to take a photo or video, plan it, do it and put away your cell phone. The gym is a gym not an internet cafe.

Rest as necessary…


It depends on your training, what you should rest between sets. The breaks are between 30 and 120 seconds. Don't rest more than you should to keep your body warm, focused and excited.

Don't let people steal your time...

You are exercising, not socializing. People who talk and waste your time are many. Don't be rude, but also find a way to let the person know that you're busy and your routine is valuable. If he or she wants to talk and you want to socialize, then invite him or her to have a coffee or do something after your routine, or another day, but don't get distracted in your routine.

Your time is valuable. Your exercise routine is too. Take care of your time more than you take care of your material things.


Here are the 6 strategies to help you stay focused in the gym or in your exercise routine that we use at Custom Body Fitness with our members. Save time, and have results...


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