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limited spots: 1 pots available

**Unlock Your Sexiest Self in Just 5 Weeks! Join Our Sexy Slim Challenge Today!**

The 5 Week Sexy Slim Challenge

The 5 Week Sexy Slim Challenge

Are you ready to unleash your inner confidence and achieve your dream body? Our exclusive 5-week Sexy Slim Challenge is your ticket to a fitter, healthier you!

What You Get:

Body Composition Assessment: Kick-start your journey with a personalized assessment to track your progress and celebrate your successes along the way.


Goal Setting: Set clear, achievable goals with the help of our experienced trainers. We'll keep you accountable and motivated throughout the challenge.


Tailored Eating Plan: Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all diets! Receive a customized eating plan designed to fuel your body and support your fitness goals.


Unlimited Small Group Training: Enjoy unlimited access to our small group training sessions led by our certified coaches. Get the attention and support you need to maximize your results.


Amazing Prizes: Compete for incredible prizes! The first-place winner will receive a year-long pass to Hot Springs Iron Mountain for ultimate relaxation. Second place wins $200 cash, and third place takes home a fully-loaded with all gear you need to safely exercise backpack!

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Challenge Details:

  • Last Day to Sign Up: April 3rd  

  • Challenge Dates: April 8th - May 10th  


Ready to take the first step towards a healthier, happier you? Don't miss out—only 1 spots available!

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Don't Leave Your Weight Loss Results to Luck

But don't believe my word. Here is what people have to say about our challenges

Our 5 Week Sexy Slim Challenge gives you everything you need to shade pounds of fat and transform your body!

Body composition assessment

Have measurable and tangible results

Goal setting

follow a plan specific for you to get results and lose pounds of fat

Custom eating plan

create a plan that fits your lifestyle, your culture, likes and do lose weight

Unlimited group training

You get to tone your body with our unique ultimate custom program design

Professional group instructors

Get professional support with our trainers who will motivate you. They're committed to deliver you results by giving you quality time

Step by step instructions

You get all of our videos with instructions and plans for you to keep and use it during the challenge for better results

Private Facebook group support

Get support by all your followers and fans, so they can see your progress and you feel the love

Fun prizes!

Win the first prize to relax the whole year at Iron Mountain Hots Springs, second $200 and third a loaded fun backpack. Plus, your real win is your body transformation


We get your baseline in the starting assessment and your final results in the ending assessment. Without the assessment we cannot get any data to assess your weight loss achievements in the challenge. If you miss your beginning or ending assessment, you are automatically disqualified.

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