The 4 Week Lean Machine Man

4 weeks  to put on  muscle and get lean!

11 spots only!
What is included
  • Body compositions assessment

  • Goal setting

  • Eating plan

  • Nutritional Class

  • Unlimited access to group training

  • And prizes!

The contest

Baseline (starting assessments): 

July  28th  & 30th 

Weight loss plan creation meeting

Thursday 30th

Contest starts: 

August 3rd - 28th

Closing assessments  September 1st & 3rd

Last day to sign up is Friday, July 24th

4 weeks to become a lean machine!



  • Custom Body Fitness- $100 cash

  • Roaring Fork Tire- Car maintenance package (oil change wheel rotation and balance) $100

  • Way of Compassion- Custom rebuilt bike or $200 gift certificate



  • Custom Body Fitness- $100 cash

  • El Nopal - $50 gift certificate



  • Finding Genuine Happiness Book

  • Lose Weight Permanently Book

  • Custom Body Fitness T-shirt

What people have to say about our challenges

10% of profit will benefit 

Brought to you by

Roaring Fork

tire center

Way of Compassion

bike project 

We get your baseline in the starting assessment and your final results in the ending assessment. Without the assessment we cannot get any data to assess your weight loss achievements in the challenge. If you miss your beginning or ending assessment, you are automatically disqualified.

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