4 weeks days to put on some muscle and get lean!

20 spots only!


What is included:

  • Body compositions assessment

  • Goal setting

  • Eating plan

  • Nutritional Class

  • Unlimited access to group training

  • And prizes!


Baseline (starting assessments): 

July  28th  & 30th 

Weight loss plan creation meeting: 

Thursday 30th

Contest starts: 

August 3rd - 28th

Closing assessments:   September 1st & 3rd

Last day to sign up is Friday, July 24th

4 weeks to become a lean machine!




  • Custom Body Fitness- $100 cash

  • Roaring Fork Tire- Car maintenance package (oil change wheel rotation and balance) $100

  • Way of Compassion- Custom rebuilt bike or $200 gift certificate



  • Custom Body Fitness- $100 cash

  • El Nopal - $50 gift certificate



  • Finding Genuine Happiness Book

  • Lose Weight Permanently Book

  • Custom Body Fitness T-shirt

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