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Your Achievements for The Year 2023

Let's take a look at the year 2023...

Did you lose the pounds you set out to do? If you did it, congratulations. You are already enjoying a new life with good benefits such as being fit, having more energy, being healthy, high self-esteem, your clothes fit better, you sleep better among other things. If you came close to your goal, congratulations too.

You are also already enjoying several benefits of your new lifestyle. Didn't you achieve your goal? Do not give up. Keep trying. Remember that you cannot fail unless you give up. So if you didn't make it in 2023, 2024 will be yours, just don't let yourself be defeated and get up to start again.


What other goals did you achieve? What is better in your life? What are you most proud of in 2023? Life is not just about exercising and eating healthy. There are other areas of your life that need your attention. How are you doing financially, with your family, with your career, your personal growth, your connection with God, your mission in this life?

It's time to review and see all your achievements for the year 2023...

I'll give you my achievements as an example:

I built a couple of bathrooms in two apartments

Saved x amount of money

Helped feed hundreds of dogs

I have a united family and I dedicate enough time to them (I love working and giving them time was difficult for me)


Created a good team of professional trainers at CBF so that I can focus on opening the third location and just evaluating our clients.

Created a solid training system for CBF trainers

Paid 40% of a mortgage on an apartment

I stayed at 11% fat all year and increased my weight lifting.

Improve my flexibility by stretching at least 3 times a week

Goals I couldn't accomplish:

Open Custom Body Fitness in Carbondale.

Buy an apartment or commercial studio.

Open a shelter for stray dogs.

So you also make an inventory of your achievements and those you did not fulfill so that you can carry them over to the year 2024...


It is important that next year you have better goals, more goals that help you grow as a person and in the end be genuinely happy.

I am very glad that you have achieved several of your goals including losing weight and getting in shape. Keep improving every year; you will see how your years come together and at the end of your journey you will be very happy for all your achievements instead of living a life without meaning or direction.


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