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Weight Loss Case Study: I Was Missing Weight Training

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Welcome everybody to another video clip and case study from Custom Body Fitness.

Sandro, “Today we have my friend Lori Gish. You have been with us since January, so it's been six months.

Lori, “Yes it has.”

Sandro, “Lori has seen great results and we can see that when we look at her before and after pictures. We will learn about her story and the steps that she is taking to get great results.”

"Tell us a little of your story.”

Woman being interview

I was missing weight training...

Lori, "I was always active, I always rode my bike, and I thought I was in fairly good shape. But as I started to get older. I noticed that I didn't have balance or core strength. I didn't have muscle tone even though I was doing all this cardio. I just realized that I needed to do something serious, and I heard about you. So, I took the first step and called you. That was the start of my journey. I’m so glad I did...”

Sandro, "Perfect, so tell us about the things that you have done to lose weight. Let's talk about your eating habits, what have you changed?”

Lori, "I always try to eat the first hour when I get up. And before I would wait a few hours. I have always been one of those people that need something every few hours anyway. So, I was already doing that. Eating a piece of fruit every couple of hours, having lunch and then having an afternoon snack.

I really did try to eat healthy...

But the thing that was missing was the weight training, the exercise, everything that you helped me bring together. I had good habits, but I did not have the weight training. I had never lifted weights before.”

Sandro,” So, you eat within the first hour, after waking up. What else did you do? Give us a couple of examples.”

Woman being interview by Sandro Torres

Lori, “My goal is to try to eat 50% vegetables and like you told me, ‘Don't worry about the rest because if you eat 50% vegetables you are not going to overeat the other foods because you won't have room.’ So, that has been my goal because on the days when I don’t eat that way, I don't feel very good. My goal is to feel good, that's what drives me to try to eat right. One thing I have learned is that I used to think I had to eat a lot of protein.

But I have come to appreciate that I do very well on vegetables. I have cut way back on my protein...”

Sandro, "So that's a myth?”

Lori, "Absolutely.”

Sandro, ”Okay, so now let's talk about weightlifting, that's what you were missing. What was your perception of weightlifting and what are you learning and doing that is giving you such great results? You lost 10%, around 22 lbs. of fat.?”

Lori, "Yes, the thing that is the absolute key is you and Erick. You guys are right there telling me how to do it, what to do, pushing me when I need it, making sure I'm doing it correctly. It's huge because you can go to a gym and try to do something, but you're never going to accomplish what you would if you had direction and someone to tell you how to get it done.”

Sandro, "Why is that?”

Lori, "Because I did not know how to do it. That is what I love about this, we come in, you guys have it all laid out.

You tell us what to do and we just have to work hard and do it...”

Sandro,”So the weight training had a lot to do with your results.

Lori, "Yes, it has to because what else could it be?”

Tell me, how your mindset has changed. What do you tell yourself on those days when it's very hard? “

Woman portrait

Lori, "Well, first, I say.” ‘It's only an hour out of my day.’ That has been very rewarding because in the past I have done other things for five or six months, but I did not get this kind of result. You and Erick help us keep track by writing down our weight lifting and at times you will remind me that I was lifting more weight before. So, I would look at my sheet and you were right, so I would try it and I was able to do it. In my mind I was not able to do it but physically I could.”

Sandro, "That reminds me of one of our members. She can do 70s lbs. on the Romanian deadlift and one day when she was training, she couldn't remember how much weight she was lifting. At that moment she was doing 60 lbs. She was telling me that she had never done more than 60 lbs. But we had recorded her earlier lifting 70 lbs. So, I showed it to her, and she was surprised, and she was able to do it.”

Lori, “So, when it's really difficult for me, I will say to myself, ‘You can do this!’ There are days when it is really hard, and some days it's easier, but it is worth it.”

Sandro Torres interviewing Lori

Sandro, "All right, what would you recommend for people who are just beginning on their weight loss journey? What tips can you give them so they can do it the right way from the start and get great results?”

Lori, "It’s so important to be strong and healthy. You can lose weight and at the end of it be very unhealthy. You can lose weight and have no muscle tone. You can be very thin but not strong, but when you do it this way, you get your health back. You get your core strength; you get your balance. Some say to me, ‘You've lost weight.!’ And I say, well, “It's not because I'm sick. It's because I'm healthy.” I feel like I got back about 10 years.”

Sandro, “Okay everybody, so the tips are, eat 50% veggies, eat in the first hour. Weightlifting is one key, having a coach to help you is another key, and losing weight the healthy way. Thank you, Lori, I really appreciate it. See you next time everybody.”



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