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Weight Loss Case Study: Be Clear In What You Want

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Welcome to another interview here at CBF. We are with Brenda Perea. She is a mom of three kids. The girls are 3 years old, and the boys are 12 and 17 years of age. She is married, 36 years of age and her hobby is to exercise. You can see the results in the before and after. We are going to be talking about the things that are helping Brenda to lose weight.

Sandro, “Brenda, welcome.”

Brenda, “Thank you.”

If you don't work hard for your results at the gym, you are not going to see results...

Sandro, “Every time I interview a member I get very excited because no other person can tell their story better but them because they go through the process. Let's begin by asking you, how did everything start?”

Woman doing low box squats

Brenda, “I looked for you on Facebook. I saw a lot of my friends doing it and I wanted to try and join, but I was afraid of doing it. I never attended a place like this. I just joined gyms, but this is different from gyms. So I asked one of your members how it was and she mentioned you were running the 6WSSC, so I signed up for that challenge.”

Sandro, “You said you were afraid. What were you afraid of? And what motivated you to overcome that fear?”

Brenda, “I was not happy with my weight and I wanted to lose weight. I hear it is hard to train here and that was my fear, but at the same time I wanted to transform my body.”

Sandro, “So you were not happy with your body and you wanted to look better and overcome the fear of the difficulty of the exercise. Now, what do you think about that fear?”

Brenda, “The first time I came here was hard for me. The first 6 weeks were difficult and I was in pain. When I finished that, I was not planning to come back. But at the same time I wanted to see results and I had results by the end of the challenge. So if you don’t do something that is hard, you are not going to get good results. So I pushed myself and continued coming.”

woman smiling

Brenda, “Yes, it is worth it.”

Brenda, “When I started I lost a lot of fat and saw good results. But then I got lazy and stopped eating clean. I gained some weight again. So I started to eat better, clean again, so I am getting better results now.”

Eat healthy to get weight loss results...

Sandro, “So you're telling me that eating clean is helping you to get results?

Brenda, “Yes.”

Sandro, “Tell me more about eating clean. What is eating clean?”

Brenda, “I try to avoid processed foods, dairy and I eat a lot of greens.”

Sandro, “What are processed foods?”

Brenda, “Bread, some meats. I used to eat a lot of rice, pasta, candy, and chocolate. It is hard. It’s not easy. But later when you try to eat a candy, when you taste it, it is not the same as before. Before I couldn’t just have one. Now I can only have one and that is it. My body is not used to eat a lot of candies anymore. I think it is like a drug (I never tried a drug) but your body just wants more and more. It is never enough. But now my body does not need that anymore.”

Sandro, “So that is a lifestyle change. That is what is helping to continue losing weight. Instead of just cutting it for two months and then going back to the same. Tell me about that process. What do you tell yourself about that?”

woman in a hike

Be clear in what you want...

Brenda, “You are not going to change, if you are doing the same, you are going to be the same and gain weight. If you want your body to change, you can’t go forward and then backwards again.”

Sandro, “Tell me how exercise is helping you?”

Brenda, “I look at myself and I like the way that I look now, a lot different. I tried on my clothes and it looks better now than before. So that motivates me.”

Sandro, “Tell me how is one of your days?”

Brenda, “Before I used to work a lot and I did not take care of myself. Now I have more time for myself. This is my time when I come to CBF. I feel alive. It helps a lot in everything. I feel more energetic and more patient. It is like my brain opened up. Before I did not make any lunch for me to take to work. I used to buy whatever I could on the street to eat. Now I have breakfast, a healthy breakfast, not coffee with pastry. I try to eat five times a day. I think it helps me not to get hungry during the day and eat chips or whatever. I eat 5 healthy meals and help.

Sandro, “Some people think that not eating will help you lose weight, but really eating will help you to lose weight.”

Brenda, “Yes, that helps me lose weight, eating the right foods. I also drink a lot of water. I also do cardio two to three times a week and I walk.”

woman portrait

Sandro, “What is the best tip for weight loss?”

Brenda, “You have to be clear on what you want because if you are going to join a gym or whatever, you have to be consistent. If you are not going to change your mind and your diet, you are not going to see changes. You have to eat healthy and exercise to see results. You have to be active. Get out of your comfort zone?”

Be consistant when exercise...

Sandro, “Thank you for your advice. Anything else you want to tell our public?”

Brenda, “It is never late. Does not matter how old you are, if you are big or skinny, get up and do something for yourself because it is worth it.”

Here is my summary

  1. You need to know that you are going to work hard for your results. Otherwise, you are not going to see the results you want.

  2. Food, especially sugar, can be like a drug. You become addicted to it unless you make a conscious effort to stop eating it. Once you stop eating, you can live without it.

  3. Life is not only about working. You also need time for yourself. When you open time for you, your life will improve in various areas.

  4. If your goal is to lose weight, eat 5 times a week and make sure you are eating healthy foods,

  5. If you are going to lose weight or tone your body, make sure that is what you want because the road down the way won’t be easy.

  6. It is never late to start improving your life and anyone can do it.

woman doing push ups with weights

As you can read, it has not been easy for Brenda. She has some struggles that she has overcome. So don’t feel alone and know there are people who have the same struggles as you have. The more you learn and practice new habits, the better you become and the chances for you to regain the weight are minimal.

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