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This Is The Reason Why Successful People Exercise

Updated: Oct 29, 2023


Teaching you to exercise and eat right is easy. The challenge for me is helping you understand the need to get out of your comfort zone to get that motivation. Once you have it everything else becomes easier. What I am going to tell you first might not make sense when talking about exercise, but i need to give you an explanation before I tell you the reason why successful people exercise. The second point is going to make a little more sense and then the third point I will discuss will help you see the big picture.

This is the concept that I learned that really helped me and I will tell you a little bit about my life. In 2008, when I fell into a depression, it was a very painful time in my life. My life was very superficial, superficial exercising and even taking supplements, making money and things like that. This was also when I started to change. I noticed that I was here to serve, and I became very hungry for knowledge. I started reading and studying and paying attention to everything I read. It was not about memorizing facts; it was about how to apply it in my life. This that I am going to teach you, is one of the concepts that really changed my life. In seven years, I have created more than I created in 28 years. It is not because of the age, it is because of the actions I took after I understood what I was created for.

We have the four basic zones...

So, let's talk about the first level starting from the bottom to the top.

It is called the physical zone...

Many people get caught here in the physical zone. Here we have basic needs such as eating, sleeping, hygiene, the need to exercise and drink water.”

Then we climb to the second level.

The second level is the spiritual or emotional zone.

We need a sense of security in our life, to feel safe. That is when you start believing in something. We know that God is everything and that He has everything under control. You feel at peace. When you are not afraid. When you know that life is going to be ok.

The third level is the acceptance zone.

It means that we need to be accepted. This is especially important because many people commit suicide because they do not feel accepted. We look for family and friends that accept us. When we travel and we meet people that have the same background as we do we feel comfortable with them because we want to feel accepted.

The four level is the material zone.

This is when we are looking to be financially stable with a house, car, and commodities. Many people get stock here not noticing that they are after money instead of their goals and dreams.

Next, we go to the 4 levels of superior awareness...

Learning is a superior level.

When you know you need to continue learning because you know that you never will never know it all. Learning will also improve your life and other people’s lives.

Then we enter the level of teaching.

After learning and experiencing our knowledge, we can now teach others our knowledge. For example, if you learned how to be in shape or be financially free, you can help the person next to you to achieve the same goals.

The caring zone is one of the last zones.

So, when you really care, that is when you listen. You can give good advice. For example, if somebody is depressed and you really know how to help them, perhaps you have been depressed yourself, you can give great advice to that person.

Lastly the zone of finding your purpose.

This is when you know you are on earth for a special purpose. When you find your purpose, you are happy because you are doing things that make a difference.


So, I read in the Bible, the story of Joseph. When he interpreted the dreams of the Pharaoh about the seven fat cows and seven skinny cows. Seven fat grains and seven thin grains. So, Joseph described that in Egypt, there would be seven years of abundance, then seven years of famine. So, Pharaoh put Joseph in charge to collect food and prepare for the lean years. That is how Joseph became a very powerful person. So, let me tell you what that means. This is not something I came up with, many people have noticed this. In life you are going to have winters and you will have summers. We cannot stop winters, they may be dry, may be very wet or windy but we will always have winters. This is the same as our life. Sometimes winter happens because of bad decisions we made accumulate over time and we are faced with a disease, or a divorce.

Being financially free is good

Sometimes life just happens. You could be driving, suddenly a tree falls on your car. Those are winters. But I want to make sure that when those winters come that I am good in all areas, that I am in the best shape, so I do not go down completely. I stay at a good level with my health, with my family and with my finances.

So, now let us talk about how I divide my life. How I see life, not that you must see it the same. You have to decide what your values and priorities are and how you want to divide them up throughout the day.

The first one for me is God, second my family, third my health, fourth my profession then my finances...

I don’t party, drink, or have hobbies. If I maintain all this and I have the time, I can do other things. So that is why they are my priorities. Let’s say you get a cold, or you get injured, and you need surgery. It will take minimum time and effort to get my health back. However, if I don’t take care of my health, it may take years to achieve a level of health where I just feel fine instead of marvelous. It is the same with the economy. If you spend all your money. You wasted it because the economy is good. When winter hits, you will have no money and you will have to get in debt to survive. On the other hand, if you save your money when the economy is good and invested, when a winter hits, you will be just fine.

two people overcoming a obstacle

I take care of my priorities every day. I exercise five times a week and eat healthy. Sometimes when I am working, and I do not have a lot of time, I may not make the best choices for me, but I do not make the worst choices. So, I try to prepare ahead. I am always cooking the best I can cook. I am always finding ways to eat healthier, and I am always exercising. If I need to wake up at 3:30 in the morning to exercise, I will. These are my priorities.

I love learning and helping people. When my clients tell me how I have helped them, it is a great feeling. You cannot help everybody, but you can help some people. I read every day and I take that knowledge and apply it to myself. If I make mistakes, I own them. I ask myself how I can use this information to help people. I am always learning, taking seminars, reading, listening to my clients and drawing conclusions.We need money, because it gives us freedom.

The reason why successful people exercise..

Before and after weight loss proof

If we have money, we can give it to someone in need. The problem is when money is our only focus. I make sure I am not in debt; I do not spend money on things I do not need. I explained to one of my clients that if I have to pay ten dollars a month to have cable, I paid too much because I do not watch TV. That is time that I can exercise or spend with my family. If I buy a pair of pants that cost $10 and I never wear them, I wasted my money. But if I spend $100 on a pair of pants and wear them often, that is a great buy. So, I do not mind paying for things I need in my life, food, clothing and shelter, things that improve my life.

Sandro Torres writing on a board

Friends are also important, if I want to be successful in any area of my life, I need to hang out with people that have good habits. I have few true friends. We really care and support each other. We do not spend time doing things that do not matter. We spend time helping each other.

Let's go back to exercise. I want to be independent. I want to be able to carry heavy loads, to do all forms of exercise, to travel, to not be dependent on people. I want to feel confident and once again I am willing to pay that price. Health can mean many things; it depends on what you want to do in your life.

People who go to the moon start to lose muscle mass after two weeks…

They must learn to walk again after they come back to earth because there is no gravity. What does that teach us? That our bodies become accustomed to the resistance we give it. After the age of 26 years our bodies start to age. The only way to fight that is by eating right and exercising. Our body will respond depending on the resistance you give it. The more we push it, the more it will respond. So, you need to ask yourself, how far do you want to go? What kind of quality of life you want. If you want cardiovascular health, you need to walk and run. Stretching is also important because when our muscles are tight, it can cause a lot of pain. The third one is your muscle mass, depending on how strong you want to be. Weightlifting is for building muscle mass. Some women think that weightlifting is only for men, but they are surprised of how strong they can become.



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